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Cambridge University’s star-studded list of startups, spin-outs and alumni

Professor Andy Hopper

From Media Dynamics in 1968 to Acorn Computer Ltd in 1979 – and to the latest shooting star, Bromium – 188 companies have been founded by Cambridge University Computer Laboratory staff and graduates to date.

The Acorn legacy has endured through the world leadership of its own spin-out, ARM, and through the Stan Boland connection via Element 14 and now Icera.

A host of other global worthies such as Virata, ANT, nCipher, Zeus, Amino, Bango, Cambridge Broadband, Datanomic, Jagex, Linguamatics, CacheLogic, DisplayLink, blinkx, Camrivox, XenSource, RealVNC and Ubisense are all in the Computer Lab’s hall of fame. And they are in elite company.

Professor Andy Hopper, who heads the Laboratory, shared the full glory of the cross-generational successes with Business Weekly. He reveals that their names are being carved with pride in a roll call to be based at the revamped entrance of the Laboratory.

Hopefully they will act as a testament in perpetuity to the enduring quality of the Laboratory’s research while inspiring future generations. Certainly when placed side by side they present a powerful testimony to the  wealth and job generation capacity of the Laboratory. One hopes the Government takes note as it formulates funding strategy for the UK’s top globally-facing innovation centres.

The companies and year founded are as follows.
1968 – Media Dynamics Ltd    
1974 – Shape Data Ltd   
1976 – Micro Focus    
1978 – Orbis Ltd    
1979 – Acorn Computer Ltd; GST Technologies Ltd
1984 – Camdata    
1985 – APM Ltd; First DBS Ltd; Global Software Publishing; PC Communications Ltd; Qudos Technology Ltd; SRI Cambridge
1986 – Olivetti Research Ltd; Perihelion Software; Three-Space Ltd; Xi Software Ltd
1987 – Equisys; Sophos Plc
1988 – Cunning Running Software Ltd; NextBase Ltd; Questionmark; Software Integrators
1989 – JMEC Ltd; Leading Technology Inc; Rubicon Software Group plc; Software Solutions; Yudkin Consulting AG
1990 – FORE; Iridian Technologies
1991 – Digital Mail; Perfect Image
1992 – ANT Ltd; KBW Consulting
1993 – Electronic Share Information Ltd; Jobstream Group plc; Metrica Systems Ltd; OptionExist; Virata Ltd
1994 – Creature House; Evertrack Ltd; Nemesys; Patientline Plc; UK Online
1995 – Active Media Solutions Ltd; ART; Cedalion Ltd; Muscat Ltd; NetChannel Ltd; SoftForum; Zeus
1996 – Digitivity  (APM spin-out; Ionysys Technology Corporation; IPV Ltd; Kavanagh; Mitcham Technologies; nCipher; Skygate; Spark! Data Systems; Tarragon Embedded Technology
1997 – nGame; Nine Tiles Ltd; Objectronix; Operis Group plc; Simulacra; Sintefex Audio
1998 – Adaptive Broadband Ltd; Amino Communications; Basis Communications; Elixir Studios; Genius 2000; Midsummer House Ltd
1999 – Anondesign; Apama; Applied Generics;; Center for Internet Studies, University of Washington; CPLANE; Curious Software Company Ltd; Envisional;; Invention Marketing; MessageLabs; MobIsle Communications Ltd; ObjectSecurity Ltd; PSDT; Shopfitter; Sociality; Survey Online
2000 – Cambridge Broadband Ltd; Filonet Korea Incorporated; FiloSafe Corporation - formerly Filonet Corporation; Metanate Ltd; Tenison Technology EDA Ltd; Xandera; Zoonami
2001 – Blue technologies; break-step productions; Business Web Software; Datanomic Ltd; Governor Technology Limited; Grex Games Ltd; Interactive Digital Television Ltd; Ionsquare ; Jagex Ltd; Jawasoft; Lemur Consulting; Linguamatics; Linguit GmbH; Micropraxis Ltd; Paradigm Design Systems Limited
2002 – Ubisense; Azuro; Bid Management Limited; CacheLogic Ltd; Cambridge Internetworking Ltd (Level 5 Networks); Cotares Ltd; eCosCentric Ltd; Fraser Research Inc; Great East London Software; Invest Solutions Limited; Masabi; Ndiyo; RealVNC Ltd; Saviso Group; Tideway; UK Broadband Ltd; Xynchron
2003 – Artimi; blinkx; Blue Compass; Censeo Systems Ltd; Codian; DisplayLink; ELECtric SOFTware; Encoded Media; Netronome; Seventh String; SmartInfoSearch; Trampoline Systems; VeriQual
2004 – Exbiblio; Innonation Productions; Insight Studios; Omnipotent Software; StegoStik Ltd; Sygneca
2005 – Adventiq; Camrivox; Cronto; Packet Ship; PCF Ltd; Projected Games; STARFISH; Trinamo Ltd; True Knowledge; Vipadia Limited; XenSource; High Energy Magic
2006 – Global Inkjet Systems; Innovation Framework Technologies; LogicIQ; Powerset
2007 – AQrex; Cambridge Visual Networks; Cantab Wireless; Ept Computing; GradFutures Ltd; Hubdub; In-Silica
2008 – Embecosm; Red Beacon; Spektrix Ltd;; TouchType; Transentia Ltd; Transport Telematics; Xsilon
2009 – Ashima Arts; Acunu; FusePump; Green Custard
2010 – Eluceda; Rapportive; ePlantData Inc; Eshinui Inc   
2011 – Bromium

• Photograph shows: Professor Andy Hopper