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You are here: Academia & Research Cambridge wins £10.85m to cure peanut allergies

Cambridge wins £10.85m to cure peanut allergies

Professor Dame Sally Davies. Picture courtesy – NHS Confederation

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded £10.85 million from the UK government – predominantly to research a potential cure for peanut allergies.

The Award represents over one-tenth of the total funding pot distributed to UK clinical research teams and includes some element of funding for existing research at the Addenbrooke’s site. It is the second highest award in the round.

Peanut allergies affect one in 50 children in the UK. People with peanut allergies can suffer severe reactions – and even die – if they come into contact with peanuts.

The Cambridge team will research ways of permanently curing people who suffer from these allergies.

The Government said that the £102m-plus investment in NHS Clinical Research Facilities would develop new treatments to benefit thousands of patients.

The money, provided by the National Institute for Health Research, will be spent on research nurses and technicians at 19 facilities around the country.

A huge number of new treatments for conditions including cancer, diabetes, stroke, dementia and obesity will be developed.

Some of the funding will also be used to conduct research into rare diseases. The first ever UK consultation on Rare Diseases was published yesterday which outlines how we can build on our strengths through improved co-ordination of services, stronger research and better engagement with patients and their families.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department of Health said: “These are very exciting times for clinical research in the UK, and this funding is a reflection of the commitment we have to supporting world-class experimental medicine.

“The Clinical Research Facilities will play a key role in supporting advances in treatments for a wide variety of diseases and supporting collaboration with industry. Thousands of people will benefit right across the country.”

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Professor Dame Sally Davies. Picture courtesy – NHS Confederation