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Guest blog: Leading entrepreneurs on issues affecting the Cambridge technology cluster.

Facebook WhatsApp deal and why your rivals may want to make friends

Andy-NeelyThe Facebook WhatsApp acquisition is a good example of why a young new technology business needs to consider how it can evolve and partner with an older more established company – in this case, one of the most recognised brands in the world today.

Don’t get your fingers burnt

Tim Richards, Partner, Hewitsons LLPIn September 2013 the new £200m ‘Walkie Talkie’ building in the City of London hit the headlines for the wrong reasons when the sun’s rays reflected off its concave facade onto a Jaguar motor car causing buckled panels and melted trim.

Cambridge could benefit from strategic sea change

Charles le Strange Meakin, technology partner at KPMG in CambridgeCharles le Strange Meakin, technology partner at KPMG in Cambridge, looks at why 2014 could be a bumper year for mergers and acquisitions across the life sciences industry as corporates seek to take advantage of new technologies and innovation.

Alumni-focused venturing in UK institutions

Charles Fletcher of Taylor Vinters in CambridgeIn recent years, UK universities have been working hard to develop their alumni networks with a view to raising their endowments, writes Charles Fletcher of Cambridge law firm, Taylor Vinters. They have had to do so in order to mitigate the very real risk of losing ground to competitors in the United States and elsewhere amid a gulf in funding levels.

Big data versus privacy?

Hamish Corner of Penningtons Solicitors in CambridgeMuch has been said about the huge market opportunities that “big data” represents for the IT industry, writes Hamish Corner of Penningtons Solicitors in Cambridge.

In the context of the internet, this requires new software techniques to enable unstructured internet-based data to be organised and analysed within a structured environment.

Politicians’ punt on Cambridge is a dead cert

Will Mooney of Carter JonasWill Mooney, Carter Jonas partner and head of its commercial agency and professional services in the eastern region, sees why politicians are happy to bathe in Cambridge’s reflected glory.

IoT could put cheaper food on the table

William Webb, CEO, Weightless SIG CambridgeHumanity made an enormous leap forward when it was able to industrialise food production, freeing most of the population to work on other things.

IoT: Grandest opportunity, most stubborn challenges

Chris Rezendes, president of Inex AdvisorsWhat will you tell your children about the beginning of the 21st century? What will you tell them you did? To help rebuild the planet after the great recession? About ‘the leadership gap’? Unemployment, income inequality and poverty? Public safety and privacy? Intolerance and extremism?

Corporate Venturers outmuscling VCs

Peter-CowleyThrough the Martlet Corporate Angel fund, I have become part of the Corporate Venturing Capital (CVC) community and recently attended a US conference (450 people), where it is was clear that nearly half the represented organisations had set up a corporate venturing arm in the previous five years. This shows how rapidly corporates are setting up CVCs.

No ‘larkin’ around when it comes to retirement issue

Will-Mooney-Carter-JonasWhile nowhere near being pensioned-off, Will Mooney, Carter Jonas partner and head of its commercial agency and professional services in the eastern region, contemplates retirement.

In the same week in February, Pope Benedict XVI resigned, in a move unprecedented at the Holy See for 600 years, and his fellow octogenarian, Warren Buffett made his latest business move with another investor for the $28 billion purchase of global food giant, Heinz.

Silicon island could bridge UK-US cash divide

Chris-Chapman of MyBusinessFD in CambridgeMy Business FD and UBS invited eight of the most dynamic young technology companies to join them at UBS’s London offices to debate the crucial issue of securing growth finance for the technology sector.

Mobile World Congress – a complete waste of money?

Kevin Coleman of Alliantus in CambridgeI am wondering if I am the boy who shouts – “but the emperor is wearing no clothes” – or the masked magician about to reveal the secrets of the magic trick.

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