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Showtime for Barclays manager

Photo reproduced with permission of Barkers Photographic

Juggling figures is second nature to Barclays Bank manager Laura Johnson – but figuring juggling proved a skill set to far when she ran off to join the circus in Great Yarmouth. A regional business manager for the bank, she decided it would be good to work alongside her client, The Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth for a day.

 Banks are currently used to walking a tightrope but Johnson was determined there would be no clowning around. She hit the big top on one of the circus’ busiest days and was set to work straightaway in helping to make the show a success.

Johnson said: “I undertook a lot of different tasks during the day which really made me realise the complexities of what goes into producing a show.  Although I didn’t appear in any of the acts, there are still a lot of important tasks to be done to make sure each show runs smoothly.

“I spent time at front of house talking to people arriving for the show and helping to show people to their seats. I also did some banking in the office.”

Peter Jay, the Hippodrome’s show producer and owner said: “Laura was ‘wowed’ by our performance and we had an incredibly busy day with this record breaking show. Laura can have a job with us anytime! Even if she can’t juggle!”

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Laura Johnson of Barclays Bank (centre). Photo reproduced with permission of Barkers Photographic.