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Loan arranger and Cronto fight hackers

Cronto CEO Igor DrokovCambridge UK technology innovator Cronto Ltd and comdirect bank AG, a leading direct bank in Germany with over 1.7 million customers, have come up with a new weapon in the fight against hackers.

Cambridge crowdfunding concept takes off

Gonçalo de VasconcelosA new crowdfunding syndicate has been launched in the Cambridge UK technology cluster.

Osborne too cash-strapped to aspire

Article by Danny Clifford – Managing Partner, Ensors Chartered AccountantsI was going to start this piece by saying that as George Osborne stood to present his 4th Budget all the smart money was on a Budget with very little drama as, quite simply, he had no room for manoeuvre.

Budget 2013: Go on George – amaze me!

Author: Danny Clifford – Managing Partner, EnsorsI do not think that I have ever felt so negative prior to a Budget before. I am not certain if it is just the world weariness of having “seen and heard it all before” that comes with age or whether it is down to the lack of room for manoeuvre owing to the parlous state of the economy, or whether it is specific to this Chancellor. I suspect it is all of the above.

Budget 2013: It’s time to encourage and not discourage, hard work

Author: Jan McLean – Partner, Medical, EnsorsOne may be excused for concluding that the medical profession are receiving a not so subtle message from the Treasury to work less hard. Well that may not be the intention although many general practitioners might be interpreting the effect of hard work as a sure way of damaging their finances.

Budget 2013: Give struggling businesses a lifeline

Author: Mark Upton – Partner, Business Recovery, EnsorsI think the general consensus is that the government needs to take measures to stimulate growth in order that the economy starts moving in the right direction.

Budget 2013: The charitable sector - go easy please Chancellor!

Author: Helen Rumsey – Partner, Charities, EnsorsCharities are already facing a number of imminent changes. Some of these are designed to be beneficial, but it is clear that others will only increase the administrative burden.

Budget 2013: Support our budding entrepreneurs

Author: James Francis – Partner, Business start-ups, EnsorsIf I was about to start my own business what would I be looking for from the Government in their next budget?

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