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Autumn Statement continues the onslaught on tax avoidance

Fiona-Hotston-Moore-2014In my Autumn Statement comment a week ago, I predicted measures to address the perceived tax avoidance by multinationals and those brave souls still investing in tax schemes.

Osborne takes wind out of Labour’s sagging sails

Danny-CliffordOne tactic that has stuck with me following Britain’s endeavours in sailing events at recent Olympic Games is that it is possible, quite literally, to take the wind out of your opposition’s sails.

Autumn Statement: Does the Chancellor have the cards to play Happy Families?

Nick-EdgleyHow the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement will affect the family is difficult to predict. With an election coming up expect some sort of temptation for the family voter but with the deficit not reducing quickly enough the Government may find their hands tied.

Autumn Statement: Government needs innovative thinking to hit export targets

Malcolm-McGready 2014I recently attended a seminar in Paris held by CPA Associates International, the international association of which Ensors is a member.

Autumn Statement: Struggling businesses need a dose of optimism

Mark-Upton EnsorsWhilst formal insolvency appointments have been at relatively low levels for some time now the trading environment for a significant number of businesses and individuals remains very difficult.

Real estate trust blitzes target with Cambridge crowd

Goncalo-2014-newCambridge UK crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom has enabled an historic real estate fundraising venture to bust its initial £2.1 million target in just 12 days.

Flying start for new investment group

Struan-McDougall-2014Seasoned investors and companies from the Cambridge, Norfolk and London technology communities attended the inaugural pitch event held by the new Anglia Capital Group at Norwich Research Park Centrum building.

Autumn Statement: Treasury alert to multinational tax avoidance

Fiona-Hotston-MooreOver the last few years a number of measures have been implemented to prevent the perceived tax avoidance or advantages being obtained by partnerships.

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