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‘Dial up your desktop’ – Cambridge convergence play

University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory

Two Cambridge University graduates are pioneering an exciting new technology that allows you take your computer desktop around with you to any other computer – using your smartphone.

 Alban Rrustemi and Dan Greenfield have founded Fonleap Ltd – an ideaSpace Accelerator company in Cambridge UK.

The founders, PhD’s from the University of Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory, are seeking to make devices work together in simple harmony. Fonleap is developing a range of applications and solutions to enable seamless interoperability across the increasing number of devices owned by a single user.

The convergence play is timely as business executives contemplate having to go to meetings with a gadget holder the size of a travel trunk from ‘A Passage to India’ to hold their Blackberry, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, eReader, iTablet et al.

The company is now seeking volunteers to road test the user experience of the technology.

The study is being held in Cambridge on Bank Holiday Monday – August 29 – at ideaSpace. It comprises a one-hour individual session and two movie tickets are being dangled as bait to willing participants.

Volunteers should fit one of two profiles:-

Profile 1
• Do you have a personal laptop, a smartphone and/or tablet and a work machine?
• Do you spend a lot time configuring your settings and files so that they are just right?
• Would you spend a day searching for the right software for a project?

Profile 2
• Do you have a personal laptop, a smartphone, and a work machine?
• Do you do your work in multiple places (e.g. at home, in the office, in a library)?
• Would you find it odd for someone to spend a whole day looking for just the right piece of software to make their life easier?

Anyone prepared to help shape what could be a commercial winner and a cutting-edge business solution is being asked to contact Alban by email – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it