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Neul and Microsoft launch Singapore white space group


Neul, the Cambridge UK white space technology pioneer, has joined forces with Microsoft and other major companies to roll out a network in Singapore.

The partners have also set up the Singapore White Spaces Pilot Group (SWSPG) to promote the use TV white space (TVWS) in Singapore and across the wider Asia region.

The initial network has been rolled out a network at the Singapore Island Country Club. The latest success for Neul, Business Weekly’s Wireless Business of the Year, follows major deployment in Japan and the US.

Neul is already working with many of the world’s largest companies and has made substantial progress over the last 12 months, notably in Asia where the latest initiative could prove a game-changer across the broader territory.

Neul is developing new wide-area cellular network technology dedicated to Machine-2-Machine traffic. Its networks are designed to operate in the licence-free TVWS (television white space) part of the spectrum range and host much of the capability in the Cloud.

CEO James Collier believes the Singapore venture is significant as it demonstrates a desire in Singapore to lead what they believe will become a rapid move towards the more effective use of TVWS around the world – and this is an area where Neul’s technology is leading the way.

Microsoft Singapore, StarHub, and the Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R) are the founding members of the Singapore White Spaces Pilot Group and today welcomed Neul as one of six new members.

At the same time, it unveiled the first series of commercial pilot deployments of TVWS smart radio technology that could introduce a new class of wireless connectivity to Singapore, putting the Lion City at the forefront of a new wave of wireless services innovation and Smart City applications. These deployments will benefit millions of homes in Singapore.

Globally, explosive growth of wireless data traffic is putting a severe strain on today’s mobile and Wi-Fi network infrastructure, signalling the need for more efficient management of spectrum.

Spectrum resources are finite and higher demands can only be met through policy and technology innovations that enable more efficient use.

TV White Spaces radio is one such innovation that turns unused TV broadcast frequency bands (TV White Spaces) into premium wireless broadband delivery channels with a set of highly desirable attributes, including the ability to travel over longer distances and penetrate more obstacles than technologies using higher frequencies, such as Wi-Fi.

Sometimes referred to as Super Wi-Fi, this can translate to better coverage, lower power consumption, and reduced network costs.

Through commercial pilot projects, SWSPG members will explore how TVWS technology can supplement existing wireless infrastructure, maximise spectrum efficiency, and deliver innovative applications that will benefit consumers and businesses.

With these deployments, SWSPG will also be able to gather white spaces data and provide insightful information to IDA as well as other regulators that are implementing regulatory frameworks for adopting TVWS in their countries.