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Cambridge track and trace technology goes global


A large, intergovernmental organisation has bought into wireless location technology from Cambridge UK smart systems pioneer RedBite Solutions. RedBite won the contract through an open, global Radio Frequency Identification tender.

The success underscores the strength of RedBite technologies and highlights its ability to roll out its systems globally at significant scale. RedBite CEO Alex Wong believes the business has developed a gamechanging technology that will revolutionise the world of RFID.

The solution will be built on RedEdge - a customised RedBite platform technology for cloud-based RFID infrastructure. The new platform has the ability to drastically reduce the cost and complexity of RFID deployment.

RedBite is now handling enquiries from other organisations with similar RFID infrastructure.

“Until now the RFID market has depended on having middleware onsite but as far as we are concerned middleware equates to muddleware – it gets in the way,” said Daniel McGreal, RedBite’s systems architect.

“You can have one, 100 or thousands of RFID readers on a site and RedEdge allows users to monitor these readers directly in the Cloud – and remotely, so from wherever they happen to be in the world. RedEdge is the Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform for RFID readers.”

The organisation is using RedEdge as part of a global monitoring system to determine the quality of delivery services from country to country. Current infrastructure requires an onsite RFID server (with accompanying onsite middleware) for each local installations to manage RFID readers: this is expensive and not scalable – especially when there are many sites globally.

RedEdge eliminates the need for local RFID middleware as its cloud-based software allows each RFID reader to be remotely managed. This includes the ability to guarantee capture and processing of tag reads from RFID readers via sophisticated monitoring software.

RedBite also believes that this shift in operating strategy from on-site to in-cloud will also support a much needed reorientation in the market from project-based to product-based RFID developments.

CEO Alex Wong said: “The current RFID market is quite fragmented and project-based with all the related time-cost issues. A lot of enterprises want to get in on the space but just can’t because the market relies on this project based approach.

“RedEdge is a real gamechanger in the RFID market. It is a vital first step towards a productisation process that will facilitate global enterprise Auto-ID device management through the Cloud or privately hosted.”

RedEdge frees multi-site users from the complexity created by middleware and also transform the market orientation from project-led to product-led, given the freedom offered by the new solution and the Cloud.

“We are moving all the data about the readers performance and health to the cloud so that we can enable a whole new paradigm of device health and tag performance big data analysis that was not possible before,” says Wong.

“We will also future-proof those devices with automated updates and more importantly standards-based interfaces such as EPCglobal EPCIS, ALE and LLRP.”

RedEdge is available on a private cloud basis, though the product’s future direction includes subscription pricing, enabling users quicker uptake by removing large, upfront licensing fees or server costs.