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Q10 Talking Heads

Influential company bosses in Cambridge & the East of England in focus in our personalised Q&A.

Dawson King, CEO of Cambridge Healthcare Ltd

Cambridge Healthcare CEO, Dawson KingDawson King is CEO of pioneering healthcare startup, Cambridge Healthcare Ltd. The company is working in partnership with the NHS and Connecting for Health to develop, an e-Health portal for patients and healthcare professionals. The portal will integrate with the NHS IT infrastructure and provide the platform for an unlimited number of healthcare applications.

Liz Basing - UKTI East International Trade Director

Liz Basing - UKTI East International Trade DirectorLiz Basing's Civil Service career has spanned a range of HQ and regional roles, all with a business focus and including industry sponsorship, economic intelligence, grant appraisal on both national and European schemes and a stint in the then DTI strategy unit.

Kevin Fitzgerald, CEO of F-Star

Kevin Fitzgerald, CEO of F-StarWith major research sites in Cambridge UK and Vienna in Austria, F-star is leading the development of the next generation of therapeutic antibodies and antibody fragments based on its unique Modular Antibody Technology.

Michael Evans, CEO of Green-Tide Turbines

Michael Evans, CEO of Green-Tide TurbinesG-TT is a marine technology start-up which in a key strategic move appointed Cambridge Consultants to help with the development of its tidal stream turbines. G-TT promises to revolutionise tidal energy in the same way that jet engines changed the face of aviation. Its turbines use natural water movement to tap energy from the tidal stream, helping to bring more cost effective renewable energy to the world.

Matthew Borg, co-managing partner of Information Transfer

Matthew_BorgMatthew Borg is the co-managing partner of Information Transfer, a learning technology and training consultancy company based on Newmarket Road in the heart of Cambridge. Its international clients include household names such as Nestlé, GlaxoSmithKline, United Biscuits, Cotswold Outdoor, Priory Group and Thames Valley Police. This year the company celebrates 30 years at the forefront of training innovation and is actively recruiting.

Andrew Blake, managing director of Microsoft Research Cambridge

Andrew-BlakeOn November 1, 2010, Andrew Herbert, managing director of Microsoft Research Cambridge, was promoted to chairman of Microsoft Research EMEA, and Andrew Blake, deputy managing director of the facility, was named Herbert’s successor. Blake came to the job with a sterling reputation, renowned in computer-science circles for his expertise in computer vision. This article is reproduced with kind permission of Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

Peter Cowley, Camdata founder and investment director of Martlet, the new angel investment vehicle launched by Marshall of Cambridge

Marshall-Cowley_thumb_medium250_0The company: Martlet is a new corporate angel initiative launched by Marshall of Cambridge designed to fire a fresh spurt of growth for the regional economy. Investments will be made primarily in companies within Greater Cambridge and East Anglia at an early stage, with sums of £25,000 to £100,000 being injected in each selected opportunity.

Michael Priestnall, CTO of Cambridge Carbon Capture

Michael Priestnall, CTO of Cambridge Carbon CaptureShell Springboard 2011 Award winner, Cambridge Carbon Capture, is developing a unique electrochemical CO2-mineralisation technology to tackle the global problems of cheaply converting fossil fuels to carbon-free electricity and sequestering carbon dioxide safely and permanently. CTO, Michael Priestnall (pictured), had the initial idea that the natural carbon-silicate cycle – in which limestone is formed from the reactions of carbon dioxide with volcanic rocks – could be executed very rapidly and efficiently using a fuel cell.

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