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Q10 Talking Heads

Influential company bosses in Cambridge & the East of England in focus in our personalised Q&A.

Dave Gwilt, co-founder of BlinkPipe

Dave Gwilt, co-founder of BlinkPipeBlinkPipe was started in late 2010 by Dave Gwilt and Alex Nancekievill, two Cambridge University alumni, who both have MBAs from London Business School.

Gary Hanson, lead partner with BDO in Cambridge

Gary Hanson is the lead partner of the Cambridge office of BDOGary Hanson is the lead partner of the Cambridge office of BDO, an organisation with over 1,200 offices in 138 countries. A specialist in business assurance, he has over 30 years’ experience. One of his principal skills is UK/US advice and he has particular knowledge of US GAAP and its implications, working closely with BDO in the US.

Matt Meyer, chief executive at Taylor Vinters

Matt Meyer, chief executive at Taylor VintersMatt Meyer is CEO of Taylor Vinters, a globally influential next generation law firm with offices in Cambridge, London and Singapore. Taylor Vinters is positioning itself as an elite law firm operating internationally in the areas of technology, investment and private client business.

Steve Brown, Managing Director of IMServ Europe Ltd

Steve Brown, Managing Director of IMServ EuropeIMServ Europe Ltd is one of the UK’s largest independent energy data management providers. Based in Milton Keynes, the company offers carbon and energy management solutions, helping organisations across all sectors to save energy, reduce costs and control carbon.

William Tunstall-Pedoe, founder, Evi

William Tunstall-PedoeEvi was founded in August 2005, originally under the name of True Knowledge, with the mission of powering a new kind of search experience where users can access the world’s knowledge simply by asking for the information they need in a way that is completely natural.

John Haurum, CEO of F-star

John Haurum, CEO of F-starF-star is a leader in the development of novel bispecific antibodies. Its technology leverages decades of experience with traditional antibody technology, while overcoming the limitations of development and manufacture of bispecific antibodies.

Simon Brocklehurst, co-founder of Ash Biotech

Simon BrocklehurstAsh Biotech is a biotech equipment and device maker with a focus on the application of cutting-edge biology to drug discovery and pre-clinical development. The company has a biological focus on complex microscopic model organisms.

Chris Curry, founder of Care With Canary

BWTV-LOGO2012Business Weekly TVs Ellee Seymour talks to Chris Curry, founder of Care With Canary.

Care with Canary  - Cambridge entrepreneur Chris Curry has devised a wireless sensor system that allows family members to remotely monitor relatives living alone, without invading their privacy, and triggers alerts. 

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