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  • Economic growth no fun and Games

    There has been much loud wailing from India’s media about the country’s lack of success in the London Olympics – six medals compared to America’s 104... Read More

  • Cambridge: Choke or evolve!

    The results from the March 27 UK census, published yesterday, underline the pace of population growth in Cambridge and its sub-regions that is likely... Read More

  • From the shadows to enlightenment

    When a delegate mentions the quality of a Cambridge University programme in the UK in the same reverential breath as Stanford in the US you know... Read More

  • Smart city approach not so clever

    On the face of it, the £24 million bait dangled by the Government to encourage development of a smart city demonstrator appeared one of the best... Read More

  • Technology lesson: don’t mate a whale with a greyhound

    HP’s bungled handling of Cambridge-based technology superstar Autonomy Corporation has raised two critical issues about UK-US acquisitions.... Read More

  • Cambridge University regains ‘missionary spirit’

    Heard the one about the two Englishman, the German, the Austrian and the two Poles? They’re all influencers based in or around Cambridge University... Read More

  • Cambridge education – 2020 style

    Cambridge UK. September 2020. Lucy Jordan, aged eight, is starting her first day at iSchool – the Cambridge School of Science & Technology... Read More

  • Engineering a stronger future

    Unwanted tags are hard to shake off. Manufacturing is grubby and engineers mess about with engines smeared with oil and grease. Send for the swarfega... Read More

  • Raspberry blown at Cambridge software detractors

    If you’d asked most hippies in the swinging sixties to give an example of software, the chances are they would have waved their kaftans in a whirl of... Read More

  • Time to create a real Cambridge technology supercluster

    New research on the Cambridge technology cluster reveals how wireless and BioMedTech are driving research and product advances, cash generation and... Read More

  • Variations on an Enigma

    2012 is Alan Turing Year. That may not mean much to a generation weaned on the breast of reality television whose heroes wear sequins. But to anyone... Read More

  • Startups will dictate durability of Cambridge Phenomenon

    From Day One of its existence in Cambridge, Microsoft Research has been supportive of the technology cluster and generous in its outreach to the... Read More

  • What if the Cambridge brains stop throbbing?

    Cambridge technology entrepreneurs are being treated like people who agree to donate their bodies to medical research only to have the offers taken... Read More

  • Enterprise warriors or Dad’s Army?

    From Roman philosopher Cicero to oil magnate John D.Rockefeller, thrift has always found ready champions. Their wise words on the importance of... Read More

  • Cambridge University Chancellor election descends to a lottery

    October 14 has never been a particularly good day for England on the battlefield. King Harold clearly should have gone to Specsavers rather than... Read More

  • Cambridge Cares

    A young turk on a Cambridge startup programme revealed that his fledgling business was based in Silicon Roundabout and asked why he should entertain... Read More

  • Funding CleanTech innovation

    There’s a hole in the ozone layer. Pollution is killing the planet. We need cleaner, greener energy and it has to be paid for. While the taxpayer... Read More

  • Overpaid, over sexed and over here?

    While it may appear that American high flyers are winging in at G-force to take out Cambridge’s tech top guns there is an element of optical illusion... Read More

  • World without frontiers

    As they have been turning on their taps since 2004, Cambridge householders will not have noticed any ‘Made in Hong Kong’ stickers on their sink tops... Read More

  • Punts, pints and plaudits

    The inaugural Springboard Cambridge programme ended with punts, pints and plaudits and as a show of sheer physical stamina combined with intellectual... Read More