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  • On the side of the angels

    The Cambridge business scene is feted internationally for its world-class technology cluster yet its heavyweights on headcount and balance sheet are... Read More

  • Why the A14 debate is in a cul-de-sac

    It is a singularly unedifying sight to witness a cluster promoting itself as the innovation capital of Europe, flogging a dead horse as repeatedly... Read More

  • Time to recruit ‘grant police’

    The UK is awash with grant money, all funded from the pockets of the hard-pressed taxpayer. Millions and millions of pounds of it.The money is... Read More

  • Truth behind the crop circles

    Business Weekly can reveal the truth behind the mysterious outbreak of apparent crop circles on land between Cambridge and Peterborough in the last... Read More

  • Does Cambridge recognise the new ‘Phenomenon’?

    While there are still ‘sell by’ dates on virtually everything on the planet we would do well to recognise that this includes humans. There comes a... Read More

  • Threat of stem cell patent ban an affront to civil liberties

    Some potty ideas emanate from Europe but the latest act of folly just about takes the croissant.   Britain in particular and Europe in general... Read More

  • Following the food chain

    Forget the Columbus myth. The humans who first populated the Americas – the forebears of the native Indian peoples – had taken part in a migration of... Read More