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Will Mooney, Partner at leading consultant Carter Jonas, gives his take on issues in the commercial property world.


  • What next for the retail and leisure market?

    With the exception of churches, pubs are perhaps the oldest social institution in built form; on a par with the café culture of Paris or the souks of... Read More

  • The potential of The Arc

    In March 2016, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), led then by Lord Adonis, called for ways “to maximise the potential of the Cambridge –... Read More

  • How to restore the vitality of our town centres

    The vitality of our town centres and cities should not slip under the radar Thankfully, two of the Government’s proposed revisions to the National... Read More

  • Innovation clusters continue to woo investors in property

    This month we’ve been networking – having hosted the national launch of our Commercial Edge research series from our head office on London’s Oxford... Read More

  • Geospatial Commission – an opportunity not to be missed

    Towards the end of last year, amongst some of his more headline grabbing proposals, the Chancellor recommended a Geospatial Commission to help... Read More

  • The Future of Cambridge Housing

    Prime Minister Theresa May has called housing a personal mission and there have been a number of new measures announced over the past six months... Read More

  • Energy efficiency top of the landlord’s agenda

    I can hardly blame people for greeting even the mere mention of energy efficiency with a reluctant sigh, writes John Russell of Carter Jonas. A... Read More

  • Nothing to write home about yet

    How is the Cambridge market faring mid-year? Well, it is certainly living up to its name as one of the fastest growing economic regions and... Read More

  • Do property agents practice what they preach?

    We certainly try! Carter Jonas has recently been on the hunt for new office space in a location and format that suits our professional service teams... Read More

  • Is collaboration key for student accommodation success?

    We all know Cambridge as synonymous with its university colleges and with that, the thousands of students that flock to the city each year. You... Read More

  • Global tourism status: The secret to maintaining strong retail?

    If the weather is anything to go by we are slowly starting to approach summer, which is always positive for businesses in the city of Cambridge.... Read More

  • Cambridge: time to revise allocation of land uses?

    The onset of a new season, particularly spring, seems to create a certain momentum in the business community. This was evident a few weeks ago... Read More

  • It’s not all doom and gloom

    There is no denying that 2016 was a dramatic year resulting in a great deal of uncertainty, and obviously not just for the real estate industry.... Read More

  • You get more bang for your buck in Cambridge office space market

    According to research from our data team, office occupiers who spend three quarters of a million pounds a year on office space in Cambridge can... Read More

  • Government and councillors need to realise how special Cambridge is

    The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, as with the Budget, is always eagerly anticipated by the property industry, particularly among our residential... Read More

  • Some friendly competition could be good for business

    As December approaches, the thoughts of many in our business community become increasingly preoccupied with two upcoming events and they are neither... Read More

  • Where do you locate a business and how do you choose where that should be?

    This is an important decision that all CEOs and board directors will have to make at some point, whether this is at inception or as a result of... Read More

  • All shapes and sizes

    When is a corridor not a corridor? When it’s an arc. What’s the difference between a cluster and a hub? Nothing material. The terminology used to... Read More

  • The push me-pull you summer

    Whether you think of the ‘pushmi-pullyu’ creature as a gazelle unicorn hybrid which featured in the original Dr Dolittle book series or the two-... Read More

  • A not so leisurely approach to hotels

    The UK’s hotel scene has come a long way since the days when holidaymakers packed their buckets, spades and windbreaks and headed to the seaside for... Read More