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Game On!

In the week that sees the start of the Olympic Games it’s not difficult to think of a theme for July’s blog.

A huge amount of work and planning have gone into the Games and all the business events that surround them. Throughout the Olympics and Paralympics Lancaster House is the venue for a celebration of UK business, starting with the Global Investment Summit (July 26) and finishing with the Paralympics Inclusion Summit on September 5.

Between those dates are individual sector-themed days and, importantly, day-long programmes focused on China, the previous Olympics host nation, and Brazil – the next in line.

You will have seen Business Weekly’s coverage of the visit to Cambridge of the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) on July 24. The club counts among its members 44 companies representing between them over five per cent of China’s GDP.

Cambridge was one of a few carefully selected places this group visited in the run-up to the Olympics China Day. PWC and UKTI co-hosted the delegation in the morning and over lunch with a group of business guests and the afternoon saw, by special request, a visit to star Cambridge company ARM Holdings.

The CEC visit was all about strengthening the business relationships that underpin economic success. China is full of opportunity for companies in the region in areas like research and innovation, health and life sciences, education, energy and resource efficiency, advanced engineering and information and communication technologies. Through UKTI you could develop the links you need to take advantage of this growing market.

There’s plenty going on in the region once the Olympics start. These Games offer us a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase the best of British business to potential investors – and the latest inward investment results show that the UK still outperforms anywhere in Europe as an inward investment destination. But importantly we are also on show to influencers who can help grow the international market for British goods and services.

Here in Cambridge we’re looking forward to our own Global Business Summit on Life Sciences and Healthcare at the University Arms on August 2. With live feed from Lancaster House - footage you will only get one chance to see as it happens - and regional keynote speakers, this promises to be a fascinating morning. Leon Palmer has all the details: the events are free and there’s still time to book your seat and maybe win a place at a UKTI East Gateway to Global Growth MasterClass.

Later, as well as events on Energy, Advanced Engineering and ICT across the region we look forward to a summit on Digital and Creative Media at the Hauser Forum in Cambridge on September 7. We have recorded coverage from Lancaster House this time but again great local speakers and a chance to share ideas with peers and leaders in the sector.

And if by any chance you’ve heard enough about the Olympics, how about this? UKTI is planning a series of trade missions for non- and novice exporters.

Exporting is not as difficult as it might look. We want to get that message across to companies which haven’t taken the plunge on international trade and what better way to do so than to get a group together and take a look-see at Paris, Brussels or Warsaw.

We’ll be working with the Enterprise Europe Network and our UKTI colleagues overseas to give companies a taste of exporting, and if they get hooked, as we hope they will, we’ll be here to support their next steps. Watch this space for details!

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