• Day 18 - Great Mentors are Stronger than Coffee

    It took more than caffeine to keep everyone going today. As expected it was not a lively morning around the office, with sympathetic 'I know how you feel' glances exchanged... More

  • Day 17 - Work Hard. Play Hard. Work Harder.

    If we were in showbusiness, today would be a hard act to follow. Speed mentoring got off to an instantly good start, with teams gloating throughout the morning how great... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Truth behind the crop circles

    Business Weekly can reveal the truth behind the mysterious outbreak of apparent crop circles on land between Cambridge and Peterborough in the last week. It is not alien... More

  • Day 15 - Taking Money Off People

    They were introduced as the best corporate you could meet, because 'all they care about is taking money off people'. Yes, we spent the day with PayPal and were particularly... More

  • FutureTech Blog

    Look after your data, or lose it

    The BBC has managed to recover much of the data from their Domesday project in 1986 and put it on the web. Back then, a mere 25 years ago, people were asked to document some... More

  • Day 13 - Guest Post: Rockstars! (by Jude Ower)

    Today's post comes from Jude Ower, a startup founder in Springboard who made us all very proud last week (and every day!). Every year I go to SXSW in Austin Texas, and every... More

  • Day 12 - From Lithuania to Cambridge

    Imagine that fourteen days ago, you left your startup life in Lithuania to come join Springboard. Imagine navigating strange British customs and systems for the first time,... More

  • Day 11 - Accountants and VC/Angels: Show Me the Money!

    Money made our day go round with specialists covering finance from all angles. The morning kicked off with speed accounting meetings, and we were grateful to have Dominic... More

  • Cambridge Today Blog

    Does Cambridge recognise the new ‘Phenomenon’?

    While there are still ‘sell by’ dates on virtually everything on the planet we would do well to recognise that this includes humans. There comes a time when grey beards have... More

  • Brand Aid Blog

    M&S say knickers to Ann Summers

    “Something for the weekend, sir?”, an offer once made by Gentlemen’s Hairdressers to their more mature customers – followed by a furtive and embarrassed bit of business – is... More