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1 January, 2019 - 13:59 By Tony Quested

Cofinitive founder eyes Cambridge Judge Business School Woman of the Year Award

Faye Holland, the inspirational founder of Cambridge marketing and business development thought leader Cofinitive, is in the running for the Cambridge Judge Business School Woman of the Year Award.

Faye is passionately contributing to the way Cambridge ‘does’ business. At the heart of all this, is a simple vision, she tells us  – pursuing an ecosystem where all stakeholders collaborate to deliver definitive results. 

Her role embraces mentoring rising stars; speaking at events (i.e. showcasee hosted by The Guardian, Nasdaq and PwC); driving collaboration; taking IWN membership from 0 – 1,000+ in Year One; increasing Cofinitive’s turnover by 50 per cent in Y3.

Cofinitive’s founder has a seductive CV which embraces roles with Impact Women’s Network as co-founder; Cambridge Wireless as board member; Cambridge Ahead technology group chair; and CPIER secretariat.

Faye is inspiring individuals, community organisations and businesses of all sizes - making Cambridge a more inclusive place to work, live and play. She believes that Cambridge’s networking infrastructure is world-leading and her growing communications consultancy is on a mission to ensure it remains so.

It is not a single part of the Cambridge economy that will make 2019 a seminal year, but the ecosystem as a whole and the way it collaborates which makes it so powerful. Cofinitive believes it exemplifies the cohort of professional service companies that support and showcase Cambridge’s burgeoning level of tech companies on the global stage.

Faye said: “It’s thanks to the collaborations born from organic and organised networking groups that new sectors and opportunities evolve. The biggest piece of advice we can give to anyone wishing to thrive in the Cambridge ecosystem is to network and remember that networking is not just a technological technique; it’s a human one too.

“The more you cross-fertilise the people, the technologies and the skills, the more you’re going to get diverse minds and be better able to develop the next set of deep tech solutions that will impact all our futures. 

“We hosted a group representing AgriTech at an event showcasing the best science and technology in Cambridge and they could immediately see the applicability of CleanTech and biotech solutions within the agri sector – on discussion the companies demonstrating their wares hadn’t previously considered extending their applications outside of their primary sector. 

“This level of convergence is a massive opportunity on a local and global scale and something we should further capitalise on. Our ‘magic dust’ is in knowing and understanding those connections and opportunities and putting them together when we know they will add complementarity.” 

Cofinitive has been an inspiration behind the new Cambridge China Centre, which masterminded a recent groundbreaking forum and is also steering an ongoing initiative designed to bring together key players in academia and business in both global-leading countries.

Faye added: “Cambridge’s reputation as a safe place to do transformational business will be bolstered further, making this city even more attractive to inward investors. Whether getting new clients, selling your product, seeking out investment or providing a service, a contract will always trump a conversation!”

For details on how to enter the Business Weekly Awards visit

• PHOTOGRAPH: Faye Holland of Cofinitive. 

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