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15 November, 2017 - 15:20 By Kate Sweeney

Heather blooms as Transversal cashes in on global traction

Cambridge-based global thought leader Heather Richards is already flying the flag for women entrepreneurship on an international stage.

An outstanding figurehead and strategist, Heather (pictured above) is now hoping to win the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award in our competition. The award is sponsored by Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

Over the last couple of years, Richards has helped transform the fortunes of Transversal, a pioneer and leading provider of cognitive knowledge solutions for the cloud. 

Founded in 1998 by Cambridge University researchers Dr Davin Yap and Sir David MacKay, Transversal focused on the simple idea of how to make it easier for businesses to answer customers’ questions. Nearly two decades later, its solutions are deployed at more than 100 blue chip companies, providing mission critical answers to customers across the globe.

Heather has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry, having worked in both the US and UK. She was part of Transversal’s original team and has been instrumental in the company’s growth from a Cambridge technology start-up into the successful business it is today.

She has led the business through a re-organisation and a shift in the overall strategic direction of the company towards the contact centre market – focusing on the positive impact that Transversal’s Prescience platform can bring to business operations.

During this period, Transversal has seen new business revenue increases of more than 60 per cent in this market. As part of this strategic change, Heather has also led the product teams to capitalise on the AI aspects of Transversal’s Prescience platform – looking to further develop not only Transversal’s multi-lingual natural language search but also to utilise machine learning to enhance the intelligence of its predictive capabilities.

Transversal believes it has developed the world’s most advanced cognitive knowledge platform and a new generation of knowledge solutions. “Self-service is more intuitive, front office applications are more intelligent and managing knowledge has never been easier,” the company remarks
Throughout her career Richards has excelled in marketing, sales, consultancy and management, proving herself to be a strong, insightful leader.

Heather is passionate about finding creative approaches to complex problems and encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration as a way of embracing and capitalising on change. She holds BAs in English and Philosophy from Westminster College (USA), and an M.Phil. in European Literature from the University of Cambridge.

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