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5 February, 2018 - 21:47 By Kate Sweeney

Machine intelligence startup backed by Hermann Hauser

New Business Weekly Awards entrant RoboK is a Cambridge-based startup with the objective of creating affordable, life-saving machine intelligence. 

Its real-time high-fidelity 3D vision system can help build smarter robots and machines that relieve humans from laborious and risky tasks to eliminate accidents and create safety benefits. 

RoboK says its software-based solution adds immediate intelligence at minimal cost and aims to revolutionise the traditional human-machine interaction paradigm. 

Backed by Hermann Hauser’s Amadeus Capital Partners, RoboK has established partnership with Mentor Graphics, a Siemens company, for virtual prototyping and SETsquared for business support funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

The team was highlighted in Business Weekly last year as winner of the 2017 King’s College Entrepreneurship Prize.

RoboK has entered the Startup of the Year category.

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