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1 December, 2017 - 12:35 By Tony Quested

PlayFusion pushes for Disruptive Technology award

It has been an extraordinary year for Cambridge-based PlayFusion. The independent, employee-owned, robotics and AI company, has spent the last two years pioneering the future of mixed-reality connected play and this year the firm came into the spotlight with the launch of Lightseekers.

On the back of winning a string of major industry awards, PlayFusion is now bidding for glory in the Business Weekly Awards. It has entered the Disruptive Technology category.

PlayFusion was founded in 2015 by industry veterans Mark Gerhard and Riaan Hodgson, the former Jagex CEO and CFO. PlayFusion has since recruited a team of 50 developers, artists and programmers with a collective experience of developing more than 150 best-selling and award-winning games. 

PlayFusion’s proprietary technology platform enables entirely new, compelling experiences that are seamlessly connected, telemeterised, and dynamic. 

Built from the ground up, the technology is regarded as the fastest, most efficient, feature rich, and robust of any product on the market today. The team has domain expertise in the following areas: Computer Vision, Audio Recognition, IoT Hardware, Machine Learning, Deep Data, TCG Design and Toy Design.

Lightseekers was recognised as ‘Best of Show’ at New York Toy Fair and although the game, cards and action figures  have only recently launched in the UK, it has already attracted a number of raving fans from industry experts, hardcore and casual players,  praising the fun experience and game’s ingenuity and originality.

Following the delight and surprise of Lightseekers, PlayFusion has also entered into a number of licensing arrangements for its proprietary technology platform with significant leading companies in the digital, games, toy and retail industries.

Although the company has also completed a $20M series A funding round with Nexon (Tokyo-listed, multi-billion dollar Developer and Publisher of games) being the lead investor, it is still majority employee owned.

PlayFusion was a big winner at the annual TIGA awards at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London recently. PlayFusion was identified by a panel of industry experts for Lightseekers  which was awarded the prestigious Technical Innovation award. The company also scooped the best small Independent Studio award. 

Mark Gerhard, CEO and co-founder of PlayFusion, said: “We were delighted to see the passion and hard work from our entire team recognised by the industry. 

“It has been a whirlwind two years as we worked hard to bring our platform as well as first game title, Lightseekers, to market this summer and these award wins will only spur us on more we set our sights on an even bigger year in 2018!”

Lightseekers Awakening, the critically-acclaimed action adventure role-playing game (RPG) from PlayFusion, is far more than just a game; it’s the fusion of fantasy and reality powered by an entirely proprietary technology platform. 

Fusing video games, smart action figures with AI, augmented reality, TV, interactive trading cards and comics, it creates the most ambitious transmedia entertainment platform ever envisioned. 

Lightseekers’ smart action figures, trading cards and accessories are now available from Debenhams, as well as Toys“R”Us® stores and Amazon.The game, a story-rich action adventure RPG, is available to download for free on the Apple Appstore, Google Play, and Amazon App Store. 

The FusionCore, the hi-tech, powerful mini-computer embedded within each action figure and the ‘brains’ behind the smart connected toys, completely eliminates the need for cumbersome NFC portals, delivering real time two-way interaction between 7” articulated smart action figures and the Lightseekers game. 

Lightseekers also offers interchangeable accessories that level up as you play. Equipping a weapon or accessory onto a smart action figure will have an immediate effect in the game and vice versa, opening up new abilities and adventures. In addition, flight packs can be added to any hero, allowing players to magically control their in-game character simply by moving their smart action figure.

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