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Over more than two decades of B2B publishing, Business Weekly has evolved into a global and highly focused media enterprise reaching decision-making corporate executives, leading
investors, academics and researchers across the East of England, nationally and internationally.

Reporting on Cambridge and the East of England – Europe's innovation capital - Business Weekly’s print edition, website and epaper combine the latest business news with in-depth reports and analysis on issues of importance to companies involved in hi-tech, biotech, manufacturing and services to industry. Our additional reach into research and academia and the impact of science & technology innovation on future business trends is unrivalled in European B2B.

Richard Green, chief executive of world-leading real time location systems company, Ubisense, was moved to tag us: “The best business weekly publication this side of San Francisco.”

Founded in May 1990, Business Weekly remains in private ownership with only one major external shareholder – serial Cambridge entrepreneur and VC, Dr Hermann Hauser, who has backed the enterprise since launch. The print edition, pretty much from launch, has been garnered to the known requirements and appetite of the business community and publishes three times a month. Business Weekly penetrates the commercial heartland of arguably Britain's fastest-growing economic region, and without question its most innovative, providing subscribers with the latest news on the country's fastest-moving and most forward-thinking companies.

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