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Day 12 - From Lithuania to Cambridge

Imagine that fourteen days ago, you left your startup life in Lithuania to come join Springboard. Imagine navigating strange British customs and systems for the first time, while working crazy hours and sorting out the direction of your company.

Today we're looking through the eyes of Egidijus "EG" Jarasunas, Remigijus "Remi" Kiminas, and Arturas Starovoitovas with a selection of excerpts from their blogging to review the first two weeks!

First Day in Cambridge [1st May]

A little after 2PM we arrived at our new home – beautiful Cambridge. Warm spring wind was gently blowing at us, smells of flowers met us. We were in Cambridge only once before, while we were on interviews for Springboard, so it was like coming somewhere where we don’t know anything or anyone. However, we were very happy when at the door of our new home our new friends met us - it was Ben and James from London. We had a beer together and a nice conversation about projects we’re doing and about what we expect from this 3 months.

After hanging out a bit in Cambridge town we came back home to work work and work again! Very excited to participate in this wonderful accelerator and waiting forward to meet all the teams, organizers and all the people we’ll meet in the future!

Second Day. Exploring Cambridge [2nd May]

After working late last night, we went to sleep. Unfortunately there was no bedding…so we had to sleep with our closes only and froze a bit. :) brr..

We don’t know the UK well, but you have the strangest water systems I’ve ever seen. Like, you’ve got two faucets for hot and cold water, and you’ve got the strangest shower water management system. Even if it’s really smart, I didn’t understand it, so I had a shower in almost cold water. Maybe hot water wasn’t properly heated up? Thumbs up to those who will make a tutorial on this.

Third Day. Induction. Accelerator. Mentors. Etc. [4th May]

The third day was very intense because it was the first official day in the Springboard accelerator program. Everyone looked excited, the atmosphere was very cool, everyone looked happy, motivated, ready ready ready!  So Jon presented an (un)official induction about Springboard, about what we’ll be doing in those 13 weeks etc... After the induction we were so inspired; we felt like “man, i can fly to the moon right now."

Day 4 and 5. Can't keep up. [6th May]

Whew, just can’t keep up with the pace in the program. Everything goes really fast. And we love that!

Several pieces of advice we heard from the past days:

1. You have to know who is your customer and who are your users2. You have to know what problem you solve3. You have to know why customers need to use your service4. Be very very concentrated5. Create a value for customers and partners

Day 6, 7 or whatever [11th May]

Yeah, you can probably guess we had intense days of mentoring. So at the moment we had face to face interviews with 47 mentors from different backgrounds, different industries, different ages, different everything. It’s obvious that not all of them understood what we’re doing, it is obvious that not all of them actually helped us. But they did. They really did. Pitching an idea to different people helps to simplify the sentences, define the idea… and… get the contacts of people who know the industry and those who can help us.

That’s really the accelerator thing. We get to know many new things we didn’t know or even didn’t think about, and all that in very safe environment.



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