9 June, 2011 - 16:42 By News Desk

Day 37 - The Honeymoon Phase is Over

Mike wasn’t the only one returning from honeymoon today. As teams are set free to focus on building this week, it turns out the transition is as stressful as it is satisfying. While many were antsy as hell to get time to code, there’s also a nostalgia for the days of purer thinking and daydreaming.

We had a welcome injection of mentors today though, with Alex van Someren, Jack Lang, Russell Buckley, and Alex Barrera returning to join us. I lied when I said our mentor days were over, as we’ll jump on an opportunity to get superstars like this back, but is was a valuable mentor morning as some teams are finalising their directions.

It would be neglectful of me to mention Alex Barrera without acknowledging his popular hat, which I’m sure you’ll agree is an awesome look (ok, even if it’s not a cowboy hat). Alex has been visiting from Spain, where he runs TetuanValley and Startupbootcamp, and everyone in the office has enjoyed having him here with us. At Inspire yesterday Martin Varsavsky confirmed the Spanish are known for their nightlife for a reason, and I only wish I could keep up!

In the evening here, a couple ventured to the CUE Entrepreneur’s Challenge pitching finals, while the rest of us eventually made our way to Castle Inn pub for a birthday celebration – happy 16th birthday James! It’s quite a birthday week with Jude on Monday and Mike on Friday, but I’m still amazed the hardcore crew managed to karaoke til 3am – I guess they had enough celebration for us all…

The honeymoon might be over for some, but Mike’s team sure is happy to have him back. As we settle into our building phase, hopefully the rocky periods will only strengthen teams over the weeks to come.


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