12 June, 2011 - 08:10 By News Desk

Day 39 - Hitting a Limit

'I can't take it anymore.' The beer cans surfaced at 5pm, but the office was already half empty by then.

It's been a long week, or rather a long six weeks to be precise. Although the past few days were meant to be a quiet time to enjoy some coding, the long 'to do' list has overwhelmed energy supplies in many cases and left heads spinning. There's been a lot to take in, and most have been plowing ahead at full speed without time to breath, unwind, and recharge.

While there's been a lot of excitement and progress, the going gets tough too. This week we've seen tears of frustration in a mentor meeting, one founder waking up on his front lawn at 5am (don't ask), and a flight missed due to a passport stuck in London. Whenever people are trying to get so much done so quickly, there are going to be stressful encounters to overcome.

One Friday ritual which has kept us amused is the appearance of Jon's iconic cowboy hat. Last Friday it was kidnapped and held ransom by those early to the office, leading Jon to offer a day's free coffee in exchange for its safe return, but this week it survived unharmed. Is everyone too tired to plot, or scheming something more mischievous?

I think we are all relieved the weekend is here. Jim is hiking through the Scottish highlands on an extreme race, Jan's girlfriend has been visiting from Prague, Dave and Nick are back in Bournemouth for some TLC, and who knows what else the weekend has in store...

A short break might finally be in order.


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