20 June, 2011 - 16:27 By News Desk

Day 45 - Guest Post: The Springboard Rap (Tony Quested)

We received an amazing surprise this week from Tony Quested at Business Weekly, who blew our socks off with this rap response to last weekend's poem. We have been loving this all week and can't wait to perform it at our final showcase ~ thanks a million Tony!

The Springboard Rap

Monday morning. Back again.Another Sunday down the drain.Shit – forgot to bring the brainguess we’re into pitch and pain

We have a sad dichotomy.To save us from monotonyWe need a group lobotomy- or win the Euro lottery

We’re tasting triumph tinged with tearseuphoria mixed up with fearsour livers pickled with bad beersand pizza comin’ out our ears

Where’ll it end? We’re wonderingthrough brilliance and blunderingAnother mentor’s chattering(As if we’d give that prat a ring!)

So here it goesan SoSsending out to Jon and JessSix weeks to go, and who can guessif we’re all marvels - or a mess?


We’re the Springboard startup superstarsAnd even if we miss the moonWe can still hit MarsYou can tell us by the red Ferrari carsand one day you’ll choke onwhile we smoke on our big fat cigars


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