21 June, 2011 - 12:32 By News Desk

Day 49 - Beer Detox Leaves Some Smiling, Others Dismayed

When it comes to pizza and beer, you may have noticed we are well fuelled.

It was a chirpy morning with most well-rested from the weekend, and ourSpringboard Rap in hand to highlight another Monday start. For some it was the first non-work weekend in months, and for others it was a balanced mix of sleep and catch up.

Tony Kypreos joined us for more Mentor 2.0 sessions, and he bravely met with six of the teams that begged to see him again. They were all thankful for the conversations, and it was a welcome injection of advice and feedback as development is well underway. For one team juggling both existing clients and platform development, for example, he helped clarify priorities to set the team up for growth rather than getting wedged in consultancy.

We also had a visit from John Stokes, who wound up chatting with some of the founders on the irresistible deck. I heard him advise how to leverage clients effectively in future sales, and what type of clients the team should avoid at an early stage.

Unfortunately the sunshine disappeared with John and Tony‘s departure, but not before the beach chairs made a reappearance. Apparently work is still getting done, as the eleventh team has been hard at work naming new products and features developed. Emails are flying around to put the collective brain to use, and it’s fun to see how quickly 25 people come up with ideas and debate the practicality of various suggestions. We’ll see what rewards are offered for successful nominations!

In the evening it was time for another pizza & ‘beer’ social, though some improvisation was required when I realised our beer collection was drained. Luckily the disguised apple and orange juice (labelled BEER detox) was for the most part forgiven, though I did worry when a visitor stared right at it and then asked if we had any non-alcoholic drinks. Apparently Springboard humour isn’t universally understood.

There have been several discussions of accelerator programmes this week, and we’ve been very pleased to be a part of them. It’s also been terrific to have visitors from other programmes to share tips/experiences and help everyone in the long run. In case you missed them, some afternoon or bedtime reading could include:

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