23 June, 2011 - 10:57 By News Desk

Day 51 - Quiet but Alive and Well

The office is suspiciously quiet. Those that are here are focused and in the zone, and those that are away are busy drumming up sales, partnerships, and a better understanding of their markets.

The implicit chains to desks have been unlocked by some invisible Week 8 key, and the office goes through phases of looking like a ghost town. Apparently the adventures outside our walls have been successful, with reports of interested partners and customers exciting a few teams already this week.

And meanwhile, back at the Springboard ranch, we've been leaving teams in relative peace to get on with it - whatever 'it' entails at this stage. Some are coding fiercely. Some are bringing in interns. Others are keeping clients happy, Skype calling, and expanding white board grand master plans. [Edit: All are coding fiercely.]

It's been an interesting week in Cambridge so far, with the May Ball formal season in full swing. It's the time where student types have their formal end-of-year balls, so nicely dressed people and fireworks decorate the town nightly. We've had our own 'Springboard Ball' version with pizza twice this week already, some pub time, and cycling home past the Cam River only 2 hours before a 'suspicious' dead body was discovered in it. The finding is quite eerie and awful, but too crucial a Cambridge event to glance over. We have all been working on our alibis.

In ideaSpace, we've been causing trouble of our own with a messy office and other warnings. To our neighbours reading this, we're sorry! I've sent out a couple emails this morning lovingly signed 'your mother' and hopefully our behaviour will improve. Perhaps we should keep our heads down for the rest of the week and try to steer clear of any more mischief - but where's the fun in that?!



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