30 June, 2011 - 11:09 By News Desk

Day 58 - Thunder! Lightning! Sunshine!

There is nothing subtle about the weather. The extremes this week are like the highs and lows of startup life. We must be in Britain or something…

Monday was so hot we were melting in the office, finding it difficult to work with the muggy, sweaty summer heat. Had we not have been focused on coding and meetings, it could have been a perfect afternoon for a water balloon fight. We were also greeted by the ‘bug invasion’, with tiny little black bugs suddenly appearing like crumbs. I still have a few bugs smeared across my screen, while Daniela laughed at the ones crawling out of her keyboard.

Tuesday we landed somewhere else altogether, with a wintery chill accompanied by fierce rain, jump-out-of-your-seat thunder, and pretty cool lightning. The common room was perfect for lightning hunting with a panoramic view, and all we were missing was hot chocolate, a fireplace, and maybe a lap dog. Anyone who didn’t make it to the office by 11am stayed cooped up at home, waiting for that break in the weather that never came.

Wednesday was – you guessed it – beautiful sunshine again, making me question if the previous 24 hours were only a dream. Judging by people’s preparedness for rain again, I concluded I wasn’t completely delusional. The real trick in all of this is not dressing for yesterday; we often tend to dress for the before (whatever we wish we’d worn in hindsight) rather than the day ahead, only to find ourselves perpetually off target. I’ll refrain from dwelling on obvious business comparisons (the ups and downs, designing for the future rather than the recent past), but I think there’s much to be learned from the great outdoors and the crazy climate we’re in.

The weather isn’t the only sunshine that’s brightened up the office, as we’ve had some terrific guests this week as well. Eric Van der Kleij and Carmen from London’s Tech City came to visit, and it was exciting to discuss awesome events on the horizon. We managed to hold our meeting outside in beach chairs, not bothered by the occasional thunder in the background, and thankfully the rain held off perfectly. More meetings should be like that.

We also had mentor Adil Mohammed back to follow up with a couple teams, and he is always a cheerful force. His lineup of trips for the next month sounded like a rock band’s world tour, but wherever Adil goes, great things happen.

Tomorrow is another big day in Springboard land as we’ll be pitching to the local angel investor community. I sure hope there’s more sunshine than rain, but more importantly, let’s make sure we’re equipped for any surprises.



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