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19 March, 2012 - 19:21 By Tony Quested

New trade bridges built at Cambridge event

Chris Parkhouse speaking at the Deyton Bell Transatlantic Business Forum. Photographs by Alan Bennett/ Media Imaging Solutions

Cambridge and UK businesses eyeing rich pickings in the massive United States market were given a masterclass in how to optimise the opportunity and reduce the risk as Deyton Bell presented a brilliantly successful, second annual Transatlantic Business Forum.

US trade chiefs joined representatives of three leading American States and a host of professionals for the event at Robinson College, Cambridge which offered the inside track of what to do and what not to do in trying to mine gold in an economic El Dorado.

There is already red hot demand for the next event and Deyton Bell chief, Chris Parkhouse, is fielding inquiries to grow the event and even create similar initiatives with other global territories.

Since the forum, economic development influencers in other US States have contacted Business Weekly to flag up that they are open for business. Speakers and delegates alike came away buzzing with potential follow-up activity.

What delegates clearly liked was the ‘eyes wide open’ approach of the speakers who echoed Chris Parkhouse’s mantra that the US market had to be researched as thoroughly as any other overseas territory.

Parkhouse told the audience: “We are not just talking about 50 very different States. We are talking about 3,000 counties and parishes across the US – and that means 3,000 different bits of legislation; different planning laws and ordnance as they say there.

“We hear companies say: ‘Oh, we’ll crack America.’ Like the rock bands who come back failures. You have to prepare for the US; research it thoroughly. It is a foreign country like any other. Don’t think in stereotypes and learn how to communicate appropriately.

“Be prepared to build bridges and if you build a bridge you might just find someone is prepared to walk across it to meet you.”

Delegates at the Transatlantic Business Forum. Photograph by Alan Bennett/Media Imaging SolutionsParkhouse is well qualified to deliver such a message as he holds US and UK nationality and has been educated in and worked in both countries.

Deyton Bell provides a range of professional consultancy, advisory and outsourced services centred on core economic, commercial and business issues such as business support, trade and investment development, lead generation, sales development, partnerships & strategic alliances, proposition development and corporate strategic direction.

The business is active in transatlantic issues and has productive ongoing relationships with US Government at Federal, State, city and local levels – as well as many satisfied clients from various sectors and locations.

Edita Sawyer of Indiana’s UK office. Photograph by Alan Bennett/Media Imaging SolutionsThe respect in which Deyton Bell, the Cambridge business cluster and the UK are held was demonstrated by the presence at the forum of John Breidenstine, Minister Counsellor for Commercial Affairs at the US Embassy in London; Paul Lucy, director, Economic Development & Finance Division for the North Dakota Department of commerce; Suzi Pegg, VP Pittsburgh Regional Alliance; and Edita Sawyer, director of Indiana’s UK office.

Paul Lucy speaking at the Deyton Bell Transatlantic Business Forum. Photograph by Alan Bennett/Media Imaging SolutionsPittsburgh gospeller Suzi Pegg speaking at the Deyton Bell Transatlantic Business Forum. Photograph by Alan Bennett/Media Imaging SolutionsMatt Zoerink, Vice Consul (Chicago) for Energy & Environment for UK Trade & Investment in the US, also winged in to add weight to the ‘let’s trade’ agenda.

• Photographs by Alan Bennett (Media Imaging Solutions)

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