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10 April, 2014 - 03:37 By Tony Quested

American States pile into Cambridge business forum

Chris Parkhouse

At least 11 US States have signed up for the Transatlantic Business Forum in Cambridge UK in June where export issues impacting on industrial and technology companies will be explored by Anglo-American experts.

Representatives from Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia will be attending on June 24, event mastermind Chris Parkhouse of Deyton Bell has revealed.

Support for the venture builds on the overwhelming success of the last two Transatlantic Business Forums run by Deyton Bell – the Cambridge-based economic, commercial and business development specialist.

The initiative, for which Business Weekly is again the media partner, aims to refocus attention on the huge US market, support businesses interested in expanding US activities or establishing a US base and stimulate successful transatlantic commercial activity.

The Forum is the region’s premier specialist event focused on transatlantic commercial issues and will again highlight best practice case studies, provide expert advice, opinion and information on key issues encountered when exploring and growing transatlantic business. It also provides opportunities for delegates to meet experts from both sides of the Atlantic.

Deyton Bell managing director Chris Parkhouse said: “It’s terrific that at least 11 US States will be represented on June 24 and I want to highlight the help and support we have received from the Council of American States in Europe (CASE).

“Deyton Bell is hosting the Transatlantic Business Forum in association with CASE which represents the interests of US States that maintain full

time offices throughout Europe. CASE is considered as the official US State led organisation in Europe that provides information, advice and support to businesses who seek to identify potential partners or opportunities with the US or who seek to establish or expand their operations in the United States.

“CASE acts as a business intelligence clearing house, and its members are the official European offices of individual US State governments. The 2014 Transatlantic Business Forum will feature more States than ever before – it really has become an event not to be missed by those involved in transatlantic business issues.”

Additional participants will include expert contributors from US Government and from the private sector on key issues such as law, tax, finance, banking, culture, logistics, marketing and sales, while case study examples of best practice will also be offered. The event is being supported by leading business groups in the US and UK.

“The US has the largest and most powerful economy in the world and is the leading single market for nearly every significant business sector. The US and the UK share the world’s largest direct investment partnership, with both countries being the largest investor in the other and the US remains Britain’s largest single export market.

“The UK and US have always enjoyed a special commercial relationship but in recent times these familiar markets have often been ignored in favour of newly emerging opportunities elsewhere. The Forum will provide introductions to commercially useful contacts, highlight support available on both sides of the Atlantic, showcase best practice by exploring case study examples, offer breakout seminars, one2one meetings with speakers/supporters and opportunities to network and develop business.”

• Further details on the agenda will be available soon. You can also visit visit or make direct contact via transatlanticbusinessforum [at] to find out more or to book a seat at the 2014 Forum.

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