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31 July, 2019 - 15:30 By Kate Sweeney

Crisp producer makes a packet from US expansion

Duxford-based crisp producer Savoursmiths are selling in 1,000 stores across the Unites States just six months after their first packet crossed the Atlantic.

The company, spearheaded by Mike and Colette Russell Smith, specialises in exotic flavours with Truffle & Rosemary the biggest seller. Savoursmiths was founded less than three years ago by Mike, a former wealth management adviser, and Colette – an international model. 

The Department for International Trade helped the company with trade missions, logistics, market research and identifying distributors in the country.

Mike and Colette are both passionate foodies and believers in the importance of traceability and sustainability. Made using potatoes grown on their family farm, Savoursmiths can be found on the shelves of Harrods and Waitrose but expanded to the United States after the couple spotted an opportunity for luxury crisps in the largest snacking market in the world.

Mike Russell Smith said: “As a third-generation potato farmer I have always had a natural love of English farming and the countryside. After leaving my job in the City in 2016, I saw a chance to create something novel and unique with my Cambridgeshire spuds. 

“My wife and I launched the business in 2016 to give people across the country a luxurious snacking alternative, complete with audacious flavours and eccentric packaging. 

“We saw the potential in the United States snacking market for something original, fun, exciting and luxurious, and sent our first container in February. We found that we can compete with established brands across the world by offering luxurious products and are delighted to be in 1,000 stores across the country.”

Colette Russell Smith added: “Thanks to DIT’s support we have secured a new deal overseas and have further opportunities on the horizon.

“Turning potatoes into crisps may not be a novel concept but – after attending trade shows in places like New York and extensive research into markets across the world – we saw the chance to create an audacious and luxurious brand to fill a growing desire for luxury snacking products. 

“The eccentricity of our brand has worked well to grab attention and move stock from shelves into baskets, especially in a market like the United States – where consumers aren’t as tied to traditional flavours compared to the UK.”

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