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25 March, 2021 - 06:40 By Tony Quested

Sepura CommsTech protects Brazil-Bolivia border

The Brazilian state of Mato Grosso has deployed a multi-agency communications solution using Cambridge-based Sepura’s SC20 TETRA radios to support security operations on the border with neighbouring Bolivia. 

The solution enables co-ordination between the border task force, military and civilian police forces, the military fire department and other supporting agencies.

The solution is an extension of the TETRA network currently in operation in the Brazilian state, built on infrastructure provided by Teltronic. 

The Sepura SC20 radios interact with Teltronic’s control centre solution, CeCoCo NG, ensuring that operations can be seamlessly co-ordinated and information shared between the various operational teams.

The SC20 provides users with a powerful TETRA communication device – with loud, clear audio and a robust design to withstand repeated rough treatment in tough environments. 

It also benefits from advanced connectivity options, allowing links to data sources and improving the situational awareness of both control room staff and field officers. 

The radio’s large screen ensures that images and text based messages can be clearly read in varying light conditions, adding another element to the team’s ability to communicate.

The border between Brazil and Bolivia is characterised by changing landscape, from dense rainforest to urban developments. The SC20 is equally at home in either as it benefits from water porting technology, meaning that even in torrential downpours or areas with significant moisture the radio will maintain outstanding service. 

Its loud audio and flexible set of audio accessories mean that voice communications will be heard even in noisy environments. And its extended range ensures that communications are maintained, whether based in remote areas with undulating terrain or in high rise urban areas.

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