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Barr Ellison Solicitors – commercial property
14 April, 2010 - 23:00 By Staff Reporter

Export to Qinhuangdao


Qinhuangdao (pronounced chin-hwang-dow) is situated on the east coast of China about two hours drive from Beijing in Hebei Province. This and the other coastal areas near Beijing on the Bohai Sea are often referred to as the ‘Bohai Rim’ economic circle.

Conveniently located near to Korea and Japan, the Bohai Rim has become one of the most dynamic growth regions in China, especially as costs have risen in South China and in Shanghai.

Qinhuangdao has a colourful history and was named after Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, who is said to have tried to seek immortality on a nearby island.

Nowadays Qinhuangdao is an important port and an industrial centre and it was one of the first coastal cities to be opened to international trade in 1984. It is also a popular summer holiday destination with its pleasant beaches and the Yanshan Mountains to the north.

It has three main developed areas – Haigang the central harbour district; Shanhaiguan which is a popular tourist destination and the eastern most point of the Great Wall of China; and Beidaihe, a seaside resort for senior government officials often used for making major political decisions, similar to Camp David in the US. Qinhuangdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (QETDZ)QETDZ covers an area of 57 sq km, including six kilometres of coastline, and has identified bioengineering and electronic informationisation as its two main focus industries, allocating additional resources and priority to their future development.

As the first and only State Level Zone authorised in Hebei, QETDZ enjoys a high level of preferential policies aimed at attracting domestic and foreign investments in high technology industries. By 2007 there were 4,546 investment projects approved in the zone, of which 647 were foreign-invested, with a total value of US$4.73 billion.Key SectorsQETDZ is home to over 140 electronics and software houses, which relate to the efficient management of large volumes of electronic data:  21 of these have been awarded the official status of State or Province level programmes.

The existing investors include Foxconn Qinhuangdao Science Park, GST Holdings, Contec Medical Systems, the Software Group of Yanshan University, the Software Group of Northeastern University and Chenlong Information Technology.

The Qinhuangdao Data Industrial Base (QDIB) was officially launched in October 2008, providing access to special government incentives for qualifying companies registered in the area.

The base has the mission of encouraging the growth of its data industry cluster and a complete value chain of software, data and communications companies integrated with data services, call centres, digital technologies, digital networks, data analysis, data management, data back-up, new media and creative animation.

The base intends to achieve this through attracting inward investment, attracting and developing human resources and the incubation of high technology SMEs. In support of this strategy, QDIB has been allocated 6.4 sq km within the QETDZ and Phase 1 has begun with the development of a 1.4 sq km eco-friendly hi-tech business park

QETDZ is a growing centre for bioengineering and is already home to a number of key biotechnology enterprises including Qinhuangdao Leading Science & Technology Development, Sino-Arab Chemical Fertilizers (SACF), Zhongwang Bioengineering and Qinhuangdao Changsheng Agricultural Science & Technology Development.Automotive Parts & Specialist Vehicles

QETDZ is also a major centre for automotive parts including wheel hubs, automotive glass, fluid systems, wiring harnesses, doors, mirrors and other components as well as specialist vehicle production.

Major companies based in the zone include TI Automotive, Asahi Automotive Glass, Dicastal Wheel Manufacturing, Xinglong Industry Group, the Qinhuangdao Dicamry Wheel Company, and the Castec Industry Company.

Qinhuangdao is one of the largest production and processing centres in North China for grain, oil and food products including bean pulps, soybean oil, flour, brewing malt, convenience foods and animal feeds.

It has attracted investments from major foreign investors including ADM (the world’s largest food processor), Wilmar International (Asia’s largest food trader), COFCO (Asia’s largest flour processor), Chia Tai which is a Fortune 500 company and Supertime (Asia’s largest malt producer).

As one of the first zones in China to be opened to international trade, QETZ has a well developed heavy industrial base in power generation and transmission, railway equipment, shipbuilding, process valves and equipment and construction machinery.

Major companies based in the zone include the Harbin Power Station Equipment Group, Tianwei Baobian Transformers, Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry and Qinye Heavy Industry Group. These are supported by a range of major producers including GE-HPEC-NTC Energy Services, Wukuang Tianwei Steel, the Steel Products Processing Allocation Center of the Shougang Group and Qinhuangdao Power Equipment Logistics.Transportation LinksQinhuangdao Port, with an annual throughput in excess of 250 million tons, has shipping routes to over 130 countries with specialised berths for bulk cargos, shipping containers, heavy lift and oversize loads and also petroleum and chemical products.

Major railway routes connect Qinhuangdao to Beijing, Harbin and Datong and the national rail network.The Beijing-Qinhuangdao express railway was China’s first high speed passenger railway line. When the Tianjin-Beijing inter-city line is completed it will take only one hour to travel between these three major cities in the Bohai Rim.

A network of high quality motorways serve the area including the Beijing-Shenyang express-way, the coastal expressway and State highways G102 and G205.

In addition, construction commenced in 2009 on the Chengde-Qinhuangdao expressway.

There are flights from Shanhaiguan Airport to more than 20 major Chinese cities and approval has been given to construct a new international airport nearby. CONTACT INFORMATIONChina International Investment Promotion AssociationPO Box 815IpswichSuffolkIP10 0WWUnited KingdomTel: +44-1473 659 061

Email: info [at]

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