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5 August, 2019 - 11:56 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge China Forum returns in October 2019

Beneath the ongoing Brexit and global trade uncertainties there has been a consistent appetite for business collaborations between the UK and China.

This was on full display at the recent 10th Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD) between China and the UK when Chinese Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua met with the then UK Chancellor Philip Hammond to secure £500 million in commercial agreements in the areas of technology, education and financial services. 

Their meeting at the EFD was timed to coincide with the launch of London-Shanghai Stock Connect, a project that enables companies listed in Britain to sell shares in China (the first time any country has been able to sell shares in mainland China). 

Through this project, companies listed in Shanghai can raise new capital through London’s stock market while UK companies can enlarge their base of investors by selling existing shares through Shanghai. 

Since the EFD in June, other announcements of ongoing co-operation and commitments to future collaboration have included a new £1 billion UK-China Fund for investing in UK SMEs with China-linked growth plans, the widening of access for the British pork and beef industry (estimated to be worth £250 million in the first five years) and a government agreement for greater cooperation on infrastructure projects meeting G20 international standards. 

The active efforts of industries and individuals across trade and technology sectors are driving profitable collaborations for both countries. 

In Cambridge, the organisers of the upcoming Cambridge China Forum (CCF 2019) have just announced that there will be 30 Chinese investment groups attending to hear business investment pitches from innovative UK companies. 

The impressive list of investors announced this week includes: China Science & Merchants Capital Management, ShengJing 360, Beihang Investment, TusStar VC, Puhua Capital, Herald Investment Management, UK China Enterprise Fund, and the Sino-UK Fund. 

The Cambridge China Forum has emerged as the leading event for promoting investment and trade between China and the Cambridge Science & Technology Cluster. This year’s Forum (15-16 October) is co-curated by Cambridge China Centre and TusPark UK to provide an equal ratio of speakers from Chinese and UK backgrounds, thereby presenting unique opportunities to interact and network with industry experts and C-level professionals from both countries. 

This year’s theme, ‘UK|China Investment and Trade – Science and Technology Forefront’, will focus on trends in Bio-Tech, AI & 5G, developments in Intellectual Property, impact investing, and the potential for UK|China collaboration. 

The two-day agenda is designed to appeal to UK|China-based businesses, investors and technology companies with a focus on networking, trade and building relationships.

The first day of the Forum (October 15) features the main speeches, panels and debates. The second day consists of Pitch Sessions that enable innovative Cambridge and UK companies to present their businesses to UK|China investors. 

The agenda of Day 2 was inspired by the overwhelming response generated by the 2019 Business Weekly Awards when Cambridge China Centre held a pitch event with local companies and Chinese investors to celebrate the inauguration of a new UK|China Business Award. 

Tickets and further information for Cambridge China Forum 2019 can be found at

Cambridge China Centre also welcomes expressions of interest from potential sponsors, speakers and partners for the event. Contact the team at enquiry [at]

About Cambridge China Centre

As a not-for-profit membership organisation, Cambridge China Centre facilitates interaction and collaboration between members, hosts the annual Cambridge China Forum, co-ordinates regular pitch sessions and business events connecting their members, UK businesses and China-based investors. 

In addition, members can access regular members events, as well as cross-cultural business support from a high-calibre advisory board. To become a member of Cambridge China Centre visit

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