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15 November, 2018 - 13:16 By Tony Quested

Philippines deal for CyanConnode

CyanConnode, a Cambridge UK-based world leader in narrowband radio frequency mesh networks, has unveiled details of a distribution agreement entered into with Adtel Inc to distribute CyanConnode's smart metering RF network technology in the Philippines.

Adtel distributes communication network equipment across the Philippines and its parent company Lopez Inc also supplies the electric power distribution sector in the region. Both are able to offer its customers CyanConnode's smart metering RF network technology.

Under the deal, which includes sales performance milestones, Adtel and its subsidiary Quantum Renewable Inc will distribute CyanConnode's Optimal technology, an end-to-end smart metering RF network solution that includes software and RF network management tools, including head end software. 

Rising demand for electricity and growing penetration of renewable energy technologies have been posing major challenges to utilities in Southeast Asia. 

This has brought smart electricity grid technologies to the forefront and Northeast Group LLC, a market intelligence firm based in Washington, D.C., with expertise in the smart infrastructure and smart grid sectors, has forecast that Southeast Asia will invest $9.8 billion in smart grid infrastructure over the next decade. 

It estimates the largest market segment will be Advanced Metering Infrastructure where an investment of $4.6bn will be made. CyanConnode estimates that the addressable market for smart meters in the Philippines alone is close to 21 million units, providing a sizeable market opportunity.

Harry Berry (pictured), CyanConnode's chief operating officer, said: "CyanConnode is very pleased to have entered into this partnership with Adtel, who will provide adistribution channel for the Company's smart metering RF network technology in the Philippines, thereby increasing global reach.

"CyanConnode's cost-effective technology enables it to break into emerging markets and its partnering with Adtel gives it a tactical and logistical advantage over selling directly to customers."

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