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1 July, 2011 - 11:12 By News Desk

Swedish Forces arm themselves with Sepura radios

FMV has opted for Sepura STP8000 hand-portable radios

The Swedish Defence forces will be buying Sepura hand-portable radios from the Cambridge company for use in a wide variety of applications.

The deal was secured by Sepura’s long-standing Swedish partner, Swedish Radio Supply (SRSAB).

Sweden is one of a number of countries across Europe to have taken the key decision to implement a nationwide TETRA network. Known as Rakel, the network has, until now, been used by a wide range of public authorities, such as the police, fire and ambulance organisations, as well as customs, prisons and public transport operations.

The Swedish forces have been operating a variety of analogue radio systems for their communications over the past few years, but have now opted for a unified TETRA system as a back-up for all their non-battlefield voice and data communications.

FMV has opted for Sepura STP8000 hand-portable radios, which couple a high level of functionality, such as GPS, with the ruggedness required to withstand the harshest environments. The IP55 rating and the increased coverage range offered by the DMO Repeater feature are both key aspects for military applications.

For in-vehicle installation, the customer has chosen Sepura SRG3900 mobile radios. These are fully-featured models, which offer the power, robustness and breadth of options which the FM required.

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