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16 January, 2014 - 13:56 By News Desk

Swedish transport operator chooses Sepura radios


A major transport operator in Sweden has taken technology for its bus drivers from digital radio specialist Sepura in Cambridge UK.

Swedish Radio Supply AB (SRS), Sepura’s longstanding partner in Sweden, has been awarded the contract for the deployment of Sepura TETRA radios to Värmlandstrafik, the main public transport organisation for the Värmland region in western Sweden.

In 2012 Värmlandstrafik started the migration of its legacy communication system to Rakel, Sweden’s nationwide public safety TETRA network. Värmlandstrafik chose Rakel, which was already widely deployed in the region, for its exceptional audio quality and the vital role that communication plays in the management of efficient and reliable public transport systems. Värmlandstrafik has deployed over 200 Sepura SRG3900 mobile and STP8000 hand-portable TETRA radios. The mobiles have been installed in all of Värmlandstrafik’s buses while the hand-portables are in use by traffic management and maintenance personnel.

By enabling bus drivers to send specific alarm messages by pressing just one button, Sepura’s SRG programmable keypads improve the speed and effectiveness of drivers’ responses as well as their safety.

The SRG radios will also enable the transmission of GPS data from the buses to an Automatic Vehicle Location system, offering real time information about bus locations, together with statistics for route analysis and optimisation, while also allowing direct voice communications between the control room and the bus drivers. Lars-Magnus Gustafsson, business development manager for Sepura said: “Thanks to our longstanding partnership with SRS and our proven expertise in communication solutions for public transport organisations around the world, we have been able to meet the communications needs of Värmlandstrafik.

“Our solutions for transport are flexible and scalable, support effective communication and coordination and help to increase efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.”

In 2010 over 9.8 million passengers were transported by Värmlandstrafik’s buses and trains.

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