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19 February, 2015 - 16:30 By News Desk

Romanian border security issue solved by Sepura

A Sepura Portalify operator

Sepura company Portalify has solved a major security issue in Romania ahead of the country’s admission to the Schengen Agreement.

While enabling greater freedom of movement at the country’s borders, the agreement has also highlighted the need for superior security measures for Romania and its neighbours.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Romania needed advanced data solutions for mission critical border control operations. Several manufacturers developed a variety of integrated applications to be deployed over countrywide TETRA networks.

These addressed the needs of border control operatives such as field workers and control room operators whilst fulfilling critical communications requirements on a national scale with the introduction of integrated data applications.

The Sepura group found the solution. Portalify was tasked with the delivery of Automatic Vehicle Location and messaging solutions applications over two separate TETRA networks across Romania.

Specifically, one requirement was the support of up to 40,000 border control users with the delivery of integrated applications, requiring the implementation of an Inter-System Interface (ISI) to enable data communications across both networks.

Sepura says the deployment of Portalify’s solutions has already delivered substantial benefits to Romania. These range from improved communications using accurate and seamless end-to-end information flow, to increased efficiency thanks to the rapid delivery of targeted information over multiple networks.

As well as enhancing security and helping to avoid congestion of radio networks, Portalify’s technology has also delivered other significant benefits including improved information capturing at the borders, effective resources management, planned prevention, accelerated apprehension and emergency response management and information sharing between border police with other national agencies.

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