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Explore Export – Tanzania


Beatha Ndekuso, trade officer at the British High Commission in Dar es Salaam talks about opportunities for East England companies in Tanzania.

Tanzania is the 9th largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa with a population of 44.9 million. The economy has broadened significantly in recent years, away from reliance on agriculture, to include mining, oil and gas, power, telecoms, construction, tourism and financial services as some of the growth sectors driving the economy. The offshore gas sector is currently the most exciting sector. Discovery of natural gas, which to date amount to 45 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas. This sets Tanzania to become a significant gas exporter over the next 10+ years. The discoveries have prompted a push for infrastructure development i.e. ports, airport, roads, power supply, etc.  Other opportunities exist in: 

• Telecommunications and Information Technology, this sector has grown at over 10 per cent per year over the last five years. 

• Mining sector - gold exploration is intensifying, coal, uranium, nickel and iron ore are amongst some of the new arrivals. 

• Renewable energy – untapped sources include geothermal, wind, biomass, solar, natural gas and coal. 

• Education – capacity building around specialised skills e.g. in the oil and gas sector but also in technical and vocational training for industries, hospitality, general management, etc. 

• Financial Services – growth in the country prompts access to finance i.e. as private equity but also PPP for public/private sector initiatives.

• Infrastructure – spurred by the recent discovery of gas and growth in the mining sector amongst others. Tanzania ranks 9th in Africa for infrastructure projects. To enter the Tanzanian market, local contacts, cultural appreciation, and relationship-building are important. Some successful UK companies have taken the time to visit Tanzania to learn about the market, get first-hand feel of the market and meet with other companies operating in the country.For general commercial advice in Tanzania, please check our UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) ‘Doing Business in Tanzania’ guide. UKTI's team in the country can provide market information, contacts, practical assistance i.e. arranging appointments, advice, mentoring and on-going help before they travel to Tanzania and while they are in the market. http://www.gov.uk/world/tanzania@UKTIEast

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