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14 February, 2018 - 02:09 By Kate Sweeney

Abcam and US partner target slice of $25 billion market

A Cambridge-California partnership has been forged between Abcam and Molecular Devices to target a key segment of an immunoassay market forecast to be worth $25 billion by next year.

Abcam is a recognised innovator in life science reagents and tools while its San Jose ally provides high-performance bioanalytical measurement solutions for the life science industry.

The partnership is designed to develop a wide range of fast and reproducible screening tools for researchers worldwide.

The initial collaboration combines proprietary technologies from both organisations to create high sensitivity fluorescent ELISA kits, which are immunoassays used to quantify target proteins in basic research, high throughput screening and diagnostics. 

The immunoassay market is estimated to reach over $25bn by 2019 due to increased use in cancer, infectious diseases and the introduction of novel biomarkers.

John Baker (pictured), Abcam’s SVP portfolio and business development said: “Collaborating with other leading organisations like Molecular Devices allows us to combine the latest technologies and rapidly provide researchers with innovative tools that will help accelerate their work. 

“We are excited to have launched the first of our combined kits at SLAS2018 and are looking forward to creating further tools that will bring measurable benefit to the industry.”

The kits will be for research use only and available via the Abcam website.

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