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9 October, 2020 - 20:49 By Tony Quested

American dream coming true for IQGeo

Cambridge geospatial influencer IQGeo has unveiled a technology alliance with US-based CSA that could trigger major new business across one of America’s most lucrative markets.

IQGeo says the partnership will allow it to target smaller metropolitan and rural utility operators in North America and is a proof point for the quoted UK company’s growing partner network to expand its reach and increase revenue.

Using IQGeo’s geospatial mobile software, CSA is developing a new mobile software product that provides up-to-date network visibility and field as-built asset capture for utilities across North America. 

CSA’s new UtiliGo solution is based on IQGeo’s mobile platform and improves the way field users access and update network infrastructure information. The combined solution works with any mobile device, on and offline, ensuring field and office data is quickly and accurately synced with the utility’s GIS back in the office.

Developed specifically for network infrastructure providers, the IQGeo geospatial software provides a mobile platform for all utilities including gas, water, wastewater, telecom and electric. 

It will enable CSA utilities to manage all its network information with a single mobile solution, giving field users an easy-to-use interface to capture network infrastructure information and immediately share it with colleagues in the office.

CSA will initially offer the new IQGeo based mobile software to customers of its existing GIS mapping solution. Over time, it will be made available across North America to CSA’s entire customer base of more than 160 utilities along with non-CSA utilities. 

Charles Huddleston, Sr. VP of Engineering, from CSA said: “Our previous mobile solution had limited functionality and didn’t work across all platforms. IQGeo’s software is not only much easier to use, it also offers huge benefits in terms of exchanging current information between the office and field. 

“UtiliGo will enable our customers to simplify and automate the work process for field users and we’re very excited about the benefits it will bring to our customers.”

Jay Cadman, IQGeo’s general manager for the Americas, added: “It’s great to be working with CSA, which offers utilities the latest technology packages to assist them in serving their customers. 

“We have a highly targeted and select number of reseller partners in operation across America, and the rest of the world, to help us deliver our mobile-first solutions that accelerate productivity and collaboration across operations. 

“We already work with many of the larger utilities across the world and this new partnership with CSA is helping us to reach another segment of network operations with our geospatial solutions.”

• PHOTOGRAPH: IQGeo’s mobile user interface as it is being deployed by CSA

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