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1 January, 2019 - 14:51 By Tony Quested

Bango launches data monetisation product for app developers and mobile operators

Cambridge mobile commerce business Bango has unveiled a new money magnet – a product that increases user acquisition and revenues for app developers and opens fresh revenue streams for mobile operators.  

Using Bango Marketplace, app developers can now quickly and easily focus their marketing towards higher value customer segments, across a wide range of markets. This focus significantly increases the effectiveness of marketing spend according to Bango CEO Ray Anderson.

Bango uses technology from its recently acquired Audiens Customer Data Platform to create segments and to feed them to Facebook, Google, Oath, The Trade Desk and other places where they can be used by app developer marketing teams.

App developers and other merchants enter the Bango Marketplace online, select the data segments they wish to use, and activate their marketing campaigns. 

In pre-launch tests in the US and Asia, developers were able to generate more than twice the number of paying users from their campaigns by using customer segments from Bango Marketplace, compared to marketing without Bango. The company has deployed a team to focus on app developer success with Bango Marketplace operating from its Cambridge UK, San Jose USA, Tokyo, and Seoul offices.

Anderson said: “The Bango Marketplace is a unique place where app developers and merchants can use customer segments to more than double the effectiveness of their marketing spend. It enables mobile operators to safely and securely monetise their payment data in ways that were previously impossible. 

“This is an exciting phase in the rapid growth of Bango.”

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