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16 May, 2019 - 11:09 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge Intelligence launches ReGraph for React developers

Joe Parry Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence has launched an early access program for ReGraph, a  new graph data visualisation toolkit. ReGraph is a React toolkit for developers to add powerful, interactive graph data visualisations to their applications quickly and easily. 

Compatible with all modern browsers, operating systems and platforms, ReGraph exploits powerful WebGL rendering technology to deliver what CI describes as “blistering performance” on large datasets, and offers advanced graph analysis and visualisation features to find data insight more easily.

Connected data, often known as graph data, is all around us. It’s in financial transactions, communications records, IT networks and beyond. Thousands of organisations from industries as diverse as cybersecurity, government, law enforcement and finance recognise the need to see and understand these complex connections. 

They want an application that’ll help them remove clutter and reveal what’s important in their data, says CI. With ReGraph, these organisations can revolutionise their React applications with a high-quality graph visualisation element. It’ll help them join the dots and realise the previously untapped potential in the data they’re collecting, the Cambridge company says.
Maintained by Facebook, React is one of the world’s most popular frameworks for developing web applications. The ReGraph library of React components fit seamlessly into React applications with minimal overhead. Its simple, data-driven API takes care of all the complexities of graph visualisation, drawing slick, interactive charts that respond quickly and intuitively to data changes.

Joe Parry, founder and CEO of Cambridge Intelligence, said: “The demand for powerful, custom graph visualisation tools is growing, and so is the global community of developers building React applications. 

“We’ve combined our extensive experience of creating data visualization technology with our understanding of the industries who need to bring their connected data to life, and created ReGraph: a solution that’s designed specifically for React developers. We’re serious about React and we’re serious about delivering the best possible developer experience.”

Rory Koehein, lead engineer at EclecticIQ and early user of ReGraph, added: “ReGraph is so easy to integrate with our React-based application. It’s simple to use and so far feels very natural. I can already see how it’ll speed up the development of new features.”

Cambridge Intelligence builds game-changing software to reveal insight in complex and densely connected data. Since 2011, it has enabled over 100,000 analysts to interactively explore and understand the connections in their data. 

Today, more than 200 organisations worldwide rely on its software to stop fraud, keep people safe and make enterprises and governments secure. 

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