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11 December, 2018 - 23:16 By Kate Sweeney

Cambridge tech runs alongside Alexa on Freebox Delta

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AI sound technology from Audio Analytic in Cambridge runs alongside Amazon Alexa and OK Freebox in what is being described as the world’s most advanced TV and connected home package for consumers.

The breakthrough is courtesy of French telecoms operator Free, which is part of pan-European telco Iliad, which launched the innovative Freebox Delta product. 

Audio Analytic CEO Dr Chris Mitchell (pictured) says the company’s AI technology plays a key part in an impressive new package, providing peace-of-mind to Free’s customers by recognising a number of important sounds through the set-top box, such as a window breaking or smoke or CO alarm. 

Dr Mitchell said: “Free has gone all-out to create the most attractive TV/smart home product and service proposition in Europe, if not the world. 

“The Delta Player and security package will offer a suite of features that keeps families entertained for hours-on-end and protected round the clock. We are so excited to see our technology as a key component of such an impressive platform.” 

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