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20 December, 2021 - 22:19 By Tony Quested

CMR Surgical wins key Versius deal in Italy

CMR Surgical’s Versius robotic system is being used in an Italian public hospital for the first time.The development gives the Cambridge company a foothold in a lucrative marketplace.

Policlinico di Milano, a leading research hospital and care institute and one of the largest healthcare facilities in Lombardy, will use Versius in a multi-specialty robotics programme including thoracic and general surgery. 

The Italian surgical robotics market is one of the most significant in Europe with cutting-edge technologies being increasingly adopted. 

Lombardy has the highest concentration of surgical robots in Italy; however 73 per cent of robotic surgery procedures are performed in private facilities. 

With Policlinico di Milano the first public hospital in Italy to use Versius, this agreement potentially opens the door for more patients in the country to access robotic keyhole surgery.  

Mark Slack, chief medical officer at CMR Surgical, said: “It is wonderful to see Versius being used at Policlinico di Milano, one of the oldest and yet most advanced hospitals in Italy.

“Collaboration is embedded in our culture at CMR, contributing tremendous value towards improving the quality of surgical care. With its culture of patient safety and high-quality training, a leading hospital such as Policlinico di Milano is the ideal institution to collaborate with to showcase the potential of Versius and provide surgeons with first-hand experience of using the next generation robotic technology to perform keyhole surgery.”

Professor Luigi Boni, director of the Operational Unit of General Surgery at Policlinico di Milano added: “At Policlinico di Milano, we are committed to investing in the best cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of our patients. 

“The introduction of Versius in a public facility such as the Policlinico di Milano, could increase the possibilities of access to these new technologies by all citizens.

“Operating using Versius has enabled us to perform more keyhole surgery, allowing us to offer benefits such as faster recovery times, less time in hospital and reduced risk of infection to our patients.”

In comparison to open surgery, keyhole procedures have been shown to reduce recovery time for a patient from weeks to days and can lower the risk of surgical site infections – an issue estimated to cost health services across Europe up to €19 billion a year.

Versius is now established as a valuable surgical tool in a number of hospitals across Europe, India, Australia and the Middle East, where it has been used to perform procedures across gynaecology, general surgery, thoracic operations and urology.

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