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6 June, 2019 - 12:05 By Kate Sweeney

Crescendo Biologics earns Takeda payout

Theodora Harold

Cambridge life science company Crescendo Biologics has achieved a fourth milestone in its collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The company declines to release financial details of the deal.

Crescendo, a Business Weekly Awards life science winner in March, develops novel, targeted T-cell enhancing therapeutics.

Under the global, strategic, multi-target collaboration and licence agreement with Takeda announced in October 2016, Crescendo’s proprietary transgenic platform and engineering expertise is used to identify and configure Humabody®-based therapeutics against certain targets selected by Takeda.

This is the fourth collaboration milestone achieved by Crescendo and relates to the progression of an immuno-oncology programme where the Humabody® lead has demonstrated in vivo anti-tumour activity. This latest milestone follows the early licensing by Takeda of Crescendo’s first oncology-targeted Humabody in November 2018.

Theodora Harold, CEO of Crescendo, said “We are proud to have achieved another technical milestone in our collaboration with Takeda.  This provides further validation of Crescendo’s ability to efficiently deliver differentiated Humabody molecules against specific targets outlined by Takeda.”

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