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20 May, 2021 - 09:56 By Tony Quested

Crescendo Biologics steps up war against hard-to-treat cancers

Cambridge life science gamechanger Crescendo Biologics has further developed its technology to combat hard-to-treat cancers.

The business is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing novel, targeted T cell enhancing therapeutics – and it has a success story to tell. Today it reveals that the first patient has entered the POTENTIA trial – a Phase 1, open-label, monotherapy study of CB307, the most advanced Humabody® in Crescendo’s portfolio of T cell enhancers.

CB307 is a unique, half-life extended Humabody® targeting prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and the potent co-stimulatory molecule CD137 (4-1BB). 

Monospecific monoclonal antibodies against CD137 have been shown to enhance T cell activity in clinical studies as a cancer therapy, and CB307 is designed to enable potent, conditional and tumour-specific T cell activation whilst avoiding systemic toxicity.

The POTENTIA trial is a Phase 1, multi-centre, non-randomised study of CB307 in patients with advanced and/or metastatic PSMA-positive solid tumours. 

The study is designed to recruit up to 50 patients across dose escalation and expansion cohorts. The primary endpoint of the trial is to assess the safety and tolerability of CB307 and to determine the maximum tolerated dose.

Additional endpoints include initial evaluation of clinical efficacy, and the trial also includes a comprehensive panel of pharmacokinetic and other translational endpoints. Initial data from the dose escalation part of the trial are expected to be presented at a medical conference in 2022.

Dr Kenji Hashimoto, chief medical officer of Crescendo Biologics, said: “Recent clinical data have provided important validation for both PSMA and CD137 as therapeutic targets. 

“We are therefore delighted to have initiated the CB307 clinical programme with our investigators. CB307 is a unique immuno-oncology therapy which we believe has potential to bring significant benefit to people suffering from hard-to-treat cancers.”

Theodora Harold, CEO of Crescendo Biologics, added: “The initiation of the POTENTIA trial is an important milestone for Crescendo as it marks the beginning of clinical development of the first product candidate in our proprietary pipeline of T cell enhancing Humabody® therapeutics. 

“We have reached this point thanks to the dedication and focus of the Crescendo team, and we look forward to applying the data emerging from this trial to guide future clinical programmes.”

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