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3 February, 2020 - 16:21 By Kate Sweeney

Crescendo work with University of Michigan already bearing fruit

Crescendo Biologics. a drug developer of novel, targeted, T cell enhancing therapeutics, announces the publication of a paper that demonstrates greater tissue penetration and in vivo efficacy of Humabody® VH therapeutics compared to conventional antibody formats.

The revelation was made in the scientific journal Cancer Research a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

The study run by Dr Greg M. Thurber at the University of Michigan demonstrates that the level of tissue penetration by Humabodies plays a major role in therapeutic efficacy and illustrates the benefits of using an albumin-binding domain to extend serum circulation time.

Humabodies are small, in vivo matured human VH domain building blocks that can be easily assembled into multifunctional molecules. They can be configured for optimal target engagement in ways which can be challenging for regular antibody formats. 

Dr Thurber’s results confirm that the smaller size and specifically tailored binding configuration achievable with Humabody molecules can result in improved penetration into the tumour microenvironment and a greater cancer-killing effect using a preclinical in vivo model of prostate cancer.

Dr Thurber, an associate professor of chemical engineering and biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan, said: “The tissue and cellular distribution of biologics is an important but understudied area in drug development. 

“In collaboration with Crescendo we demonstrated that the distribution of these drugs within the tumour was as significant as the total tumour dose in determining response.

“Importantly, this work shows how antibody engineering strategies can be used to design therapeutics with improved distribution to maximise efficacy.”

Dr James Legg, SVP R & D at Crescendo Biologics, added: “We’re delighted to be working with Greg Thurber’s team at the University of Michigan; they have developed a deep mechanistic understanding and expertise in the in vivo distribution of therapeutic agents. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.”

Crescendo Biologics won a Life Science Innovation category for the best platform in Business Weekly’s last awards in March 2019.

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