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2 September, 2017 - 01:42 By Kate Sweeney

Darktrace ramps capability of its AI cyber defence technology

darktrace, Cambridge, cyber attacks

Darktrace, the Cambridge-based world leader in AI technology for cyber defence, has launched a highly-specced third version of its Enterprise Immune System.

The upgrade focuses on ease-of-use for new security analysts while pushing the upper limits of AI for expert analysts. Darktrace says CISOs will benefit from new reporting features, while the security community as a whole will benefit from sharing previously unknown threat finds.

In addition, a new Darktrace mobile app and enhancements to autonomous response solution Antigena for firewalls and cloud make responding to attacks anytime, anywhere faster and more precise, according to CEO Nicole Eagan (pictured).

In terms of visibility and productivity gains, automated CISO reporting now provides executives with real-time results and trends. 

Darktrace says a dynamic SOC dashboard allows threat analysts of all levels to rapidly triage incidents.

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