30 January, 2017 - 11:18 By Tony Quested

GeneAdviser relocates to Castle Park in Cambridge

Genomics data mining pioneer GeneAdviser has scaled into new offices in Cambridge. The startup, whose CEO and founder Jelena Aleksic is Business Weekly’s reigning Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, has moved out of ideaSpace and is now at Citibase Cambridge at Sheraton House, Castle Park.

Genomic medicine is advancing at a rapid pace, transforming research and revolutionising the way we diagnose and treat complex diseases such as heart disease and cancer. GeneAdviser is a team of scientists and developers specialised in genetics and bioinformatics, determined to increase access to genomic medicine in the clinic.

The young business develops innovative solutions to make genomic medicine more accessible, partnering with a portfolio of private and public laboratories in the UK and overseas. The approach is strongly shaped by the team’s scientific background and experience.

GeneAdviser’s online ordering platform for genetic tests enables clinicians to find and order tests for all medical specialities. Its clinical grade tests are from accredited laboratories that consistently deliver high quality diagnostics, enabling healthcare professionals to provide their patients with better care.

Paradigm Genetics has just joined the GeneAdviser platform to offer sequencing for rare and aggressive cancers. Tumours can become resistant to therapies, causing patients to relapse. 

But each tumour has a particular genetic sequence which can inform of their vulnerabilities and mechanisms of resistance. Paradigm Genetics offers its PCDx ™ test to characterise rare and aggressive cancers in order to personalise treatment.

With Paradigm joining the platform, GeneAdviser now offers several solid tumour sequencing options, both for research and the clinic, making genomic medicine more accessible to cancer patients.

The company has also formed a new partnership with US laboratory Baby Genes which brings ultrafast genetic newborn screening to the GeneAdviser platform.

The US laboratory specialises in ultrafast genetic newborn screening using next generation sequencing (NGS). Results are available within five days for rare but serious conditions for which early detection is critical.

Baby Genes™, a CLIA-accredited clinical laboratory specialised in newborn genetic testing and screening, provides fast and reliable diagnostic services for rare but serious conditions.

Rich Sjogren, president and CEO of Baby Genes™, said: “This relationship with GeneAdviser is a result of our continued focus on affordable and accessible NGS-Next Generation Seq-uencing technologies to physicians and patients worldwide and enables us to offer our suite of diagnostic services, including genetic Newborn Screening, Reflex/Confirmatory testing and Carrier testing.”

• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Jelena Aleksic

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